Tina Knowles Shares Sweet Birthday Messages to Daughter Solange: 'I Love You With All My Heart'

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Happy birthday, Solange Knowles!

The singer-songwriter turned 31 on Saturday and to celebrate her big day, her mother, Tina Knowles, took to social media to wish her "baby girl" a very happy birthday.

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"Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl❤," Knowles began her Instagram post. "31 years ago today you entered this world (when YOU got good and damned ready to come) !10 days late! We were all in love!!! You've been walking to the beat of your own drum ever since!! I don't know anyone who is as headstrong and determined to do it their way, no matter the consequences."

"I admire your courage, Boldness, intelligence, beauty, refusal to conform to others definition of traditional beauty, your kindness, loyalty, love of family , great mom skills, fashion sense , work ethic , activism," the family matriarch continued. "I could go on. It's one story I will tell . The Asst. principle called me when you were in the 6th grade and said you started a petition to discipline a teacher because she continuously allowed a student to harass and disrupt the class and keep the other kids from learning! She said you were disruptive and too grown, at which I said "go Solange." I was as proud as I could be! I told her so. You were always lite years ahead of your time. We are always here and got your back!! I love you with all my heart!!!"

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Tina also shared an adorable video from last year where she and Beyonce playfully picked up Solange, resulting in the "Cranes in the Sky" singer to yell, "I'm 30 years old." The clip was taken on the Saturday Night Live stage when Solange was the musical guest.

"Happy birthday my baby Girl Solange Knowles Fergurson❤️ now you are 31 and we are going to pick you up again when we see you!," Tina wrote. "Because in Mariah's voice 'You will always be my baby' in this this case OUR baby❤."

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Solange's birthday comes a week after Beyonce's twins were born. Details on their arrival have been kept under wraps but according to multiple reports, Blue Ivy now has a younger brother and sister. For more on Beyonce's twins, watch below.