Queen Elizabeth Adorably Reprimands a Pony Who Tried to Eat Her Flowers -- Watch!

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Not everyone is on their best behavior around the queen.

Queen Elizabeth II found herself scolding a naughty Shetland pony who tried to eat her flowers during a visit to Stirling Castle in Scotland on Wednesday.

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The 91-year-old monarch couldn't help but say hello to Cruachan IV, the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, but the pony seemed to be more concerned with her bouquet of flowers.

"Go away!" she scolded the horse after it went in for a little nibble.

"They always eat the flowers," she explained after hiding the bouquet behind her back.

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Queen Elizabeth II was joined by her husband, Prince Philip, as she marked her 70th anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

As Colonel-in-Chief, she was presented with the keys to the castle by the Earl of Mar and Kellie, the hereditary keeper of the keys. She and the Duke of Edinburgh are spending this week, which is considered Royal Week, visiting various parts of Scotland.

The queen clearly has a soft spot for horses. See her trotting around Windsor Castle in March in the video below.