ET Obsessions: 'The Last Tycoon,' 'You Must Remember This' Podcast, 'Teen Wolf' and 'Insecure'


Here at ET, we're obsessed with a lot of things -- and for the week of July 24 to July 30, this is what we're most excited about:

Why We're Obsessed With 'You Must Remember This' Podcast

Host Karina Longworth is back with another addictive season about the lost (or forgotten) stories about old Hollywood. The show is four episodes into its new season exploring the parallel lives of Jean Seberg and Jane Fonda. The former, a second-generation Hollywood royal, and ubiquitous for over 50 years; the latter, born in obscurity, still mysterious and lesser-known today, her biography mired by tragedy and untimely death. What unites them? Find out in the next episode of You Must Remember This: Jean and Jane.

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New episodes of You Must Remember This premieres weekly here.

Why We're Obsessed With 'Insecure'

So if you watched Insecure's season two premiere on Sunday, then you know Issa Rae is back with the perfect summer show that's alluring, funny and hard to shake off . The premiere episode, which is written by the star herself, wasted no time fleshing out the current mental states of its characters. In addition to the aftermath of Issa's breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Lawrence (Jay Ellis), there's also the challenging work assignments that put Issa's new friendship with her colleague, Frieda (Lisa Joyce), to the test. Meanwhile, Issa's best friend, Molly (Yvonne Orji) confronts her future at the law firm and the complex realities of relationships. "Step one is realizing you have an issue. Step two is trying to fix it. So Molly's going to try, but you know…" Orji told ET in a recent interview while dishing about her character.

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is now airing on HBO.

Why We're Obsessed With 'Atomic Blonde'

Playing an international spy can't be easy, but Charlize Theron makes it look easy! The 41-year-old actress is taking no prisoners in Atomic Blonde, giving us equal parts spycraft, sensuality and savagery. As for the men in the movie, James McAvoy, John Goodman and Toby Jones are all helping Theron's character along on her mission. Did we mention her steamy sex scene with co-star Sofia Boutella? ET Canada spoke to the blonde bombshell at SXSW, where she admitted that seducing Boutella wasn't exactly a hard task! "Seducing her? It's very easy, she's gorgeous!" Theron said. "She came over, she hung out with me and [director] Dave [Leitch] and there was something about her that was so genuinely innocent and yet incredibly strong, that she was really perfect for the film."

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Atomic Blonde
hits theaters Friday, July 28.

Why We're Obsessed With 'The Last Tycoon'

We can't get enough of Lily Collins, who is having the best summer ever thanks to the back-to-back releases of the Netflix original films, Okja and To the Bone, and her new Amazon series, The Last Tycoon, co-starring Matt Bomer and Kelsey Grammer. "I've always picked projects because I've related to them and because I've loved them," Collins told ET during a recent sit-down interview. ​In The Last Tycoon, the 28-year-old actress plays Cecelia Brady in the adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel of the same name, which follows the ambitions of young executive Monroe Stahr (Bomer) and his power struggle with studio boss Pat Brady, Cecilia's father (Grammer).

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The Last Tycoon
premieres Friday, July 28 on Amazon Prime.

Why We're Obsessed With 'Teen Wolf'

It's not quite goodbye yet as Teen Wolf gears up for the final 10 episodes, which features the return of Tyler Hoechlin, Charlie Carver and Colton Haynes. The hit werewolf drama presented its final Comic-Con panel in San Diego last week and it was evident that the cast was just as emotional as their fans, sharing what they will miss the most about the series. "The people, whether it's these guys [the cast] and you guys [the fans]. We genuinely love the fans and our interactions with them," Tyler Posey said. "I'm going to miss everybody so much, so I'm going to come to Comic-Con every year as a fan." And if you haven't already seen the trailer for the finale -- you're in for some action, as Gerard has his eye on Scott's pack.

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Teen Wolf
returns Sunday, July 30 on MTV.