Cindy Crawford Sings George Michael, Reenacts Sexy Pepsi Ad & Dishes on Winding Up in Bed With George Clooney

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In bed with Clooney one minute, throwing an epic bash with Kid Rock as the DJ the next... we heart Cindy Crawford!

Cindy Crawford is dishing on why she ended up in bed with George Clooney, how she keeps the spark alive in her 19-year marriage, what she thought when Prince wrote her a song and more in a candid new video tell-all!

The supermodel opened up her stunning Malibu, California, home to Vogue, who followed her around while asking 73 questions in under nine minutes.

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In addition to impressively reenacting her 1992 Super Bowl Pepsi commercial and singing some of George Michael’s “Freedom” (not surprising, seeing how she starred in the 1990 music video along with a slew of other supermodels), the 51-year-old beauty also addresses that time she accidentally wound up under the sheets with her good pal, Clooney.

“Let’s just chalk that up to Casamigos,” she responds, referring to the hunk’s tequila line with her husband, Rande Gerber.

Crawford’s gorgeous 15-year-old daughter, Kaia, also makes an appearance during the candid Q&A, heading to the fridge to grab some fruit, then piping in when Crawford is asked about her nicknames for her children.

“She calls me Kiki and my brother [Presley] P,” Kaia shares.

The teen, who has followed her mom’s footsteps into modeling, also chimes in when Crawford is questioned about whether her kids have nicknames for her.

“Not that we can say in front of her,” Kaia says.

also answers for Crawford when her mom is questioned about her favorite thing about her offspring. “That we’re amazing,” Kaia quips.

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Son Presley also makes an appearance, dialing in via a video call and greeting Crawford with, “Hey, Mom, I’m here for my cameo. What was I supposed to do again?”

After asking Crawford her favorite thing about motherhood -- “unconditional love” -- the 18-year-old surf enthusiast humorously responds, “Well, I hope that was seamlessly organic,” before hanging up and returning to his day at the beach.

While her husband is away working in Cabo, Mexico, Crawford happily chats about the businessman, sharing how the biggest surprise she’s ever received is when he “decided to sneak a piano in my house one Christmas morning.”

As for how the couple keeps their love alive after being married for almost two decades, she insists it's simple, saying. “We actually really still like each other and we make sure that we spend a lot of time together.”

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Here’s 12 more fun tidbits we learned about the brunette beauty from Vogue’s 73 Questions With Cindy Crawford:

She was surprised when late legend Prince wrote the song “Cindy C.” about her and says her favorite lyric from the track is, “I will pay the usual fee.”

Her craziest summer blowout at her Malibu home was a Fourth of July party with Kid Rock as the DJ.

The one model she thinks everyone should be following right now is Kaia and her advice to young ones in the industry is to “be on time and stay off your phone.”

Her whole family thinks she has an inappropriate sense of humor.

She would never wear a crop top in a million years.

Her spirit animal is “momma bear.”

She would tell her 13-year-old self that “the boys would eventually get taller.”

Her advice for women when it comes to ageing gracefully is to “be happy,” while men should “just keep up with their ladies.”

She wants to make a cameo on ABC’s Scandal!

She thinks the hottest Disney prince is Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Her favorite food is caviar and her go-to dinner party menu includes grilled salmon, roasted potatoes, salad and a pie.

Her stunning office features a wall covered in some of her favorite and most memorable photo shoots, including the time she posed nude with a snake while portraying Eve in the Garden of Eden. “That was my first and only shoot with a snake,” she says. “First of all, it was heavy, secondly, it smelled disgusting and thirdly, it got a little too friendly!”

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