Nick Cannon Explains Why He Doesn't Believe Monogamy Is 'Healthy'

He also discusses his 'unconventional personal life.'

Nick Cannon is well aware that he has an "unconventional personal life." The 41-year-old TV personality appeared on The Language of Love With Dr. Berman podcast, where he opened up about his relationships with the mothers of his children. 

Cannon is dad to 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah Carey, 4-year-old Golden "Sagon" and 13-month-old Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell, and 7-month-old twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Abby De La Rosa. Tragically, Zen, whom he shared with Scott, died in December at five months old, after a battle with brain cancer. 

He also recently announced that he is expecting his eighth child with Brie Tiesi. 

On the podcast, Cannon joked he has seven kids "with some possibles," implying more might be on the way. When asked if he is physically intimate with the mothers of his children, Cannon replied, "Kids keep coming!"

Noting that Carey is more "family" than romance, he added that the other mothers of his children are not interested in any sort of Sister Wives setup. 

"It's definitely not that," he said. "They don't want any parts of polygamy."

Calling himself a "lover" and a "hopeless romantic," Cannon said he struggles with the boundary between co-parenting and getting physically intimate. 

"Clearly if I care for someone, if I have a child with someone, there has been intimacy and there probably will continue to be intimacy because there's true authentic love there," he noted. "I have struggled with the co-parenting idea. Like, 'OK, we're just going to co-parent.' And then you find yourself in these really nice, warm family environments... And it's like, 'What is this? What are we doing? How do you define this? You know I have to do this in multiple spaces.'"

Noting that some of the mothers of his children "deal with it better than others," Cannon added, "I think they're all confident and secure in themselves to even have to deal with a person like me."

When asked if any of his children were "unplanned," Cannon replied, "I'm never going to say that... I'm gonna take full responsibility. Any woman that I know I've had unprotected sex with, it was the potential to have a child."

He continued, "I would say every woman that I have a child with, there's definitely been conversations about how amazing this would be and I feel like every woman I have a child with are amazing mothers. There was a thought process going into it, like, 'Man, she would be an amazing mom' or 'I can't wait to see what type of mother she would be.' So in saying that I would say they're all planned."

Noting that he doesn't know how to label his own relationship status, Cannon said, "I don't feel like monogamy is healthy. I feel like that gets into the space of selfishness and ownership."

He admitted, "I am a better friend and companion than I am boyfriend, relationship, husband, all of it."  

After learning that men's sperm over the age of 45 can lead to health complications in children, Cannon noted that he doesn't intend to continue having children past that age. As for a future long-term partner, he said, "As I get into an older age I'll probably just, whoever's willing to put up with me, that'll be the one."