Nick Jonas Says Priyanka Chopra's Dog Gift Caused 'Some Division in the Family'

The actress bought her hubby a German shepherd puppy named Gino for their first wedding anniversary.

There's some tension in the Chopra-Jonas household these days, thanks to Priyanka Chopra Jonas' sweet anniversary gift to her hubby Nick Jonas -- a German shepherd puppy named Gino!

But the friction isn't because Nick didn't want the dog. 

"I had mentioned it two weeks prior to when she actually got the puppy," the 27-year-old musician explained on Wednesday's The Late Late Show. "We were talking about this new house we just got and we were very excited to move in and everything else. And I said, 'And now we can get a German shepherd,' and she thought I knew something about the surprise. So she was like, 'Maybe we will.'"

The 37-year-old actress then surprised her hubby with the sweet pup ahead of their first wedding anniversary. 

"The problem is, there's already some division in the family," Nick said during the appearance. "She has a puppy named Diana. Once she and I got together, I sort of adopted the puppy, and she got me this one. We put both our dogs on Instagram, and Diana's been on Instagram for about a year and a half and Gino, he doubled her followers in a day. She wasn't happy about it."

Diana, a tiny mixed breed dog, has about 147,000 followers, while Gino has a strong 329,000 and counting. 

The tension between the two pups is evident on their separate Instagrams, as Gino remains blissfully unaware and Diana lets her frustrations be known. 

"Just make sure you don’t mess up the place kiddo.... daddy don’t like a mess! #BigSisOnDuty#ThingsIDoForMyParents @ginothegerman @nickjonas @priyankachopra," "Diana" captioned two shots with her younger brother. 

In addition to giving great cuddles, Gino is being trained to be an even bigger help around the house. 

"I'm trying to train him to be a diabetic awareness dog," Nick, who is a diabetic himself, explained. "It's a process, but he's a bundle of joy."

Priyanka and Nick will need to put their Instagram beef aside because, according to Deadline, the pair have just gotten a green light from Amazon Studios to executive produce a new unscripted series inspired by the Indian pre-wedding tradition of the sangeet.