Nicole Kidman Says She Was 'More Scared' Before She Met Keith Urban: 'Now I Feel Protected'

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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Nicole Kidman is expressing her love for her husband, Keith Urban!

In a recent interview with Australia's Sunday Life, the 52-year-old actress opens up about how she decompresses at home after getting home from work.

"I like to relax by meditating, but what makes me feel most comfortable and secure is being with Keith," she says of her husband, whom she wed in 2006. "Having a partner by your side, someone with whom you can talk, who loves you and who you love, balances everything."

"Before I met him, I was more scared," she continues. "Now I feel protected thanks to this great friend and wonderful partner I have."

In addition to time with her husband, Kidman, who describes herself as "an introvert by nature," also relishes time with their two children, Sunday, 11, and Faith, 9.

"When I get home, the thing I look forward to the most is being able to hug my children and Keith, and that's the kind of feeling which will always keep us connected," she says.

In fact, while filming the 2018 movie Aquaman, Kidman spent time with her children by bringing them along with her to set.

"After working on projects like The Beguiled, I needed to do something very different," she explains. "So I left for Australia with the girls... and after watching me work on Aquaman, Sunday Rose wants to become a director!" 

Aside from her work in films, Kidman recently starred in and executive produced two seasons of the HBO series Big Little Lies alongside Reese Witherspoon.

"Actors rarely get to choose their projects -- we are chosen by others and we don't exercise any control over our destiny. So Big Little Lies was born out of our frustration," Kidman says. "Reese Witherspoon and I were looking for female roles that really interested us and that dealt with current issues, and Big Little Lies spoke of the reality we are experiencing."

ET's Denny Directo and Lauren Zima caught up with Kidman at the 2020 Producer Guild Awards on Saturday, and she got real about the chances of a third season of the hit show getting made.

"You have to ask Reese. [We] were just texting," she said. "It would take a great story."

"That's what we're going to see if we can do, but right now it's certainly more of a dream than it is a reality," Kidman added. "Sorry to say, but maybe one day."

Watch the video below for more on Kidman.


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