Nikki and Brie Bella Reveal They Swapped Identities on a Date

The former WWE superstars shared a time they used their twinning for their benefit.

Nikki and Brie Garcia -- formally known as the Bella Twins -- use their twin magic outside of the wrestling ring!

On Thursday, the retired WWE superstars appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Show, where they admitted to swapping places to benefit each other. Brie revealed that as kids, it was harder for them to trick their teachers because of the close relationships. But in college -- it was fair game.

"In college however, you don't really have that intimate relationship with majority of your teachers," Nikki told Hudson of doing the swap. "So when I was better at a subject, I would test for Brie. We did that a few times where we tested for each other."

The famous sisters also shared that the swap came in handy if someone was going to be late or miss class. Outside of class, the twins shared a time when they did the swap -- for a date.

"So there's this time when I was dating someone but I was in traffic in San Diego and there was this really good looking guy in a truck who was trying to get my attention and get my number," Brie shared. "And in my head I was like, 'I can't let this guy go, so I'm just gonna be Nikki for a second.' So I pretended I was her, gave him my number and then went back to the dorms and was like, 'You have to go on a date with this guy, he's super cute.'"

Nikki shared that she did go on the date, but things got weird. 

"And I was like, 'OK great,' and I decided to tell him the whole story and he was weirded out," she shared. "He was like, 'Wait, so I met your sister first?' and I was like, 'Yeah my twin sister but it's OK she's dating someone so I took her place.' And then there was never a second date. We were like, let's not ever do that again."

Today, Nikki is married to Artem Chigvintsev. Together she and the Dancing with the Stars pro share 2-year-old son, Matteo. Brie is married to wrestler, Bryan Danielson, whom she shares children -- Birdie, 5, and Buddy, 2.

Although they are no longer wrestling together, as they both retired from the WWE, the twins shared they still are close outside of work -- literally. During the interview, the twins opened up about their current living arrangements, which sees them living 400 feet away from each other. 

"We used to be across the street and now we realized we prefer that because we would open up our doors and be like, 'Wine? Babies are down,' and now it's like I'm 400 feet to the right, which is OK, it's a two-minute walk. I miss being across the street," Nikki shared. 

"I know, especially with little kids, it's easier when you're right there too," Brie added. 

"Whenever we weren't nursing anymore and we would meet for wine," Nikki said. "She'd be on one side of the sidewalk and I'd be on the other where the monitors would reach and we'd be having our wine ... talking. And the neighbors would always look at us and be like, alright ... they're having their wine."