Olivia Munn Reveals She's Dating, Talks Fangirling Over Oprah Winfrey (Exclusive)

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She may have had a busy year with her acting, but Olivia Munn is still finding time to pursue love!

The 38-year-old actress hit the Love Leo Rescue's 1st Annual Cocktails for a Cause fundraiser at Rolling Greens in Los Angeles, California, where she discussed finding time for her personal life amid work commitments.

“I think you always find ways -- life isn’t just one thing or the other and so, of course, you make time for your friends and your family and anything that fits into the personal realm,” she told ET’s Katie Krause.

“Yeah!” she added, when quizzed on whether that realm includes dating.

The revelation came after Munn told ET in October that she had spent the past year and a half cutting "negative, toxic people" out of her life.

Munn, who previously dated NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, didn’t shed any details on who her recent dates have been with but joked it could be Oprah Winfrey.

“Oprah!” she said with a laugh. “She wanted me to let you guys know that here, so that it would get a lot of attention for the rescue. Oprah and I are in a committed, loving relationship.”

Jokes aside, one thing’s for real -- Munn’s love for the media mogul! The Predator star gushed about meeting Winfrey and admitted she was “scared” the first time.

“You definitely want to try to play it cool as much as possible when you’re in situations where [you might get starstruck,]” Munn said. “Usually if I’m around people that I’m going to get awestruck by, it’s because I’m at an event, so everyone has to be, like, professional and cool.”

“I met Oprah -- for the second time,” she continued. “The first time I was too scared; the second time I met her, I was like, ‘Can we get a picture?’ Of course [she obliged.] Oprah is like the nicest person in the world. She walks around just saying ‘Hi’ to people just all day long.”

Munn also spoke about her upcoming plans for the holidays, sharing how she has plans to head out of town with friends, humorously adding her and Winfrey might head to Big Bear, California,

In the meantime, she was thrilled to be supporting Love Leo Rescue, an animal rescue organization.

Munn first developed a strong bond with animals, thanks to her grandmother’s Siamese cat, whom she was close with despite the feline being “so mean.” She has since worked tirelessly to support animal rescue organizations like Love Leo Rescue, which is also where she found her pet pooch, Frankie, who has his own Instagram account.

“This makes [the event] really special for me because Love Leo is where I found my little Frankie,” she said. “I was on the Instagram following them anyway since I follow a few rescue places and I literally saw the back of Frankie's head and I was like, 'That's my dog.' I didn't even see the front of his face, I just knew that was my dog. And, then getting to know Sasha [Abelson] and everybody from Love Leo Rescue -- they're so amazing."

"I think anybody who rescues animals is a special human being, but what makes this one particularly really special for me is they primarily rescue animals who need medical attention," Munn continued. "A dog with a broken leg is less likely to get adopted, but places like Love Leo focus on those animals to make sure they get a home."

See more on Munn and other celebrity animal lovers below.


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