Olivia Munn Says Past Year and a Half Has Been About Cutting Toxicity Out of Her Life (Exclusive)

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Olivia Munn is focused on keeping things positive.

“It's a lesson I think you're always learning, but I think this year I really applied it, over the last year and a half, of just like, negative, toxic people just don't have a place in your life,” the actress tells ET, sharing the greatest lesson she’s learned recently.

“So, if you're around someone that's always making you feel bad, you know, you don't need them in your life,” she adds.

While Munn, 38, didn’t name names, that time frame she gave -- a year and a half -- is of note, seeing as it’s just long enough to include her April 2017 split from NFL star Aaron Rodgers. The former couple’s relationship came to an end after Rodgers’ family was thrust into the public eye thanks to his brother, Jordan’s, appearance on ABC’s The Bachelorette.

The younger Rodgers’ rise to reality TV fame brought to light the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s strained relationship with his family, which Munn addressed earlier this year for the first time on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy.

“That family was a little broken,” Munn told Andy Cohen in May. “Before he and I started dating, he hadn’t spoken to the parents and one brother in eight months … I just think it’s really important to mend things in a family, and I encouraged that.”

“At the end of the day, there’s a lot of complication,” she continued. “I don’t think either side is clean.”

In that same interview, Munn noted that she and Rodgers were “not really” in touch after their split. While it’s unclear if she was referencing Rodgers with ET, cutting off communication does line up with her “no negativity” philosophy.

“Anything that's toxic, whether it's a person or a situation, anything that's going to add any kind of negativity to your life in a long-term way, just should be out of life,” she says. “Whether it's a person, an experience or a job.”

One job Munn admits she would turn down is a role in the Crazy Rich Asians sequel, though not because it would be toxic.

“I am such a fan of the movie, I just want to watch it as a fan,” she says. “I'm such a fan of all those people. I don't think they need to add anybody to that cast. You know, whenever something is such a big hit and they go, 'Well, who else can we bring in?' It's like, no. It is perfect.”

“Use the whole cast all over again,” she pleads. “Tell us another story, but you don't need to add me or anybody else, 'cause it is -- they perfected it and they were wonderful. I love every single person that was in that movie.”


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