'Outlander' Season 5: Stars Talk Favorite Episode, Adso's Attitude and More Set Secrets! (Exclusive)

Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin are spilling exclusive set secrets about 'Outlander' season five.

Lads and lassies, listen up...

Outlander's season 5 premiere is just a few days away and we're more than ready to reunite with the entire Fraser family -- and we know you are too!

To celebrate the return of the hit Starz drama, ET sat down with stars Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin to play a wee little game. We asked five questions about Outlander's fifth season and the actors spilled all kinds of set secrets. (We didn't even have to bribe them with whisky this time.)

From Adso's undeniable cattitude on set, to their favorite episode of season five and inside scoop on Heughan and Balfe's new Outlander producing powers, keep reading to discover highlights from our "fast five" round of questions, or press play on the video above to watch the Fraser family's full answers!

1. Who did Adso love the most on set?


"Me!" Heughan answered immediately. Meanwhile, Balfe shook her head in defiance and claimed that the multiple kittens who played the role of Adso on the series liked "nobody" on set. 

"He would!" Heughan stressed. "Adso would love me if I ever got a chance, but any time the cat is on set, Cait goes to the cat and then there's no cat."

"The cat is a cat," Balfe countered. "So the cat loves nobody more than he loves himself... There are many Adsos, so I don't think any of us have really bonded with them, to be honest." 

2. Who did baby Jemmy love the most on set?


While there may be about four kittens playing Adso in season five, the stars revealed that they have "six or eight" wee little babies taking on the role of Brianna and Roger's young son, Jeremiah MacKenzie.

"They're so sweet," Balfe gushed. "But really, at that age, it's just so difficult."

"They don't love us," Heughan added with a smirk. "They're so cute, it's just very hard for the children."

Meanwhile, the babies' onscreen father has his own idea for who the young actors prefer the most on set. "The actors probably all love Caitriona the most," Rankin shared.

"I've been in trouble with most of the Jemmys," he continued. "I can't talk about the scene, but one [of the little actors] comes up to me and says, 'Don't you ever do that again!'"

Skelton explained, "He has to shout at him in the scene, and he just was really upset."

"It broke my heart," Rankin said while clutching his chest. "And I kept saying, 'I'm sorry! I'm really sorry, wee man, it's OK. It's not real.' And I had to do it again. I'm like, 'Oh my god. Can we not do this anymore?' He was distraught. Poor, wee fella."

3. Who has been wielding their new Outlander Producer powers more: Sam or Caitriona?


"Ohh, that's a nice, sneaky question!" Skelton said with a huge grin.

"Ahh, that's an interesting question," Rankin agreed. "I'd imagine Caitriona. She seems she likes to be very involved and making sure things are going in the right direction. If Sam's doing it."

"They're a great team!" Skelton said of her on-screen parents. "And they're kind of like good cop, bad cop and they go in it together."

Last April, Heughan and Balfe received a special promotion ahead of the series' fifth season and the two leading actors officially became producers on the hit Starz drama.

"It's been a really wonderful part of the process to be involved more and to have a say, and I think we would like to do a lot more," Heughan explained. 

"I think this season was a lot of  learning and observing and I think it's a new role for both of us and I think it's one that we take very seriously," Balfe continued. "We came on sort of late into the process when we sort of got that role, so we've been doing our best to see where we can be the most helpful. I think towards the end of the season, I think we definitely found our feet with that role a bit more and, hopefully, coming into this next season as well, we'll sort of continue to expand."

"It's important to have that sort of collaboration and influence," Heughan added. "I think the scripts and the storyline -- we definitely had an influence there. And also being a part of the production meetings and just seeing all the work that goes into it, you know, I think we're a lot more educated as well."

4. Which of your Outlander co-stars most impressed you in season five?


"You've probably been the most impressed by me," Rankin said with a straight face to Skelton.

"Right," Skelton responded solemnly before breaking out into a wide smile.

"Well, I think we sort of started off in this show as 'the young ones,'" Balfe answered with a giggle. "And now were definitely not 'the young ones,' we're sort of 'the old fogies.'" 

"But it's been beautiful to watch all of our younger actors -- whether it's Sophie or Richard or John Bell or Lauren Lyle or César [Domboy]. Our world has expanded," the actress continued. "It used to very much be told through Claire's eyes and Jamie's eyes and now that we've expanded the world, all of their storylines have sort of opened up and become stronger. It's been great to watch them all blossom and, you know, they keep us on our toes really."

"And a strong part of Outlander has always been the cast and the ensemble," Heughan echoed. "We were sad to see everyone leave after season one, you know, the core group of highlanders, but I think now we've got a really amazing group and a really amazing cast together."

5. Which episode of season five was your favorite to film and why?


"That's a good question," Rankin said as he pondered. "My favorite episode for me in terms of performance and what I put in, I think, was episode eight. More so because it was a really challenging episode. My favorite episode in terms of how much fun we had, probably was episode one, I think -- probably episode one or two."

Skelton answered, "I think for me, in a weird way because it's a hard episode to watch, but episode 10. Storyline-wise, it's a really strong ep. We filmed in a nice location, and it just takes a turn that you just don't expect, so yeah, I think that will be an interesting one for fans."

"Oh, I think mine was probably 12 because it was the most challenging for me," Balfe said, referring to the season five finale. "It's probably the riskiest that we've done. I haven't actually seen it yet, so we'll see if that was a successful risk or not. It was definitely the most challenging storyline that I had been given this season. It was tough, but it was rewarding."

"Yeah, I agree. I think it's probably the strongest finale we've done," Heughan added. "For me, I think episode seven [is my favorite]. It's sort of the culmination of one of my storylines. It was fun too."

Season 5 of Outlander premieres Sunday, Feb. 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.