Pamela Anderson Posts Messages She Allegedly Exchanged With Adil Rami's Ex

 Adil Rami and  Pamela Anderson arrive to take part in a TV show on May 19, 2019 in Paris, as part of the 28th edition of the UNFP (French National Professional Football players Union) trophy ceremony.

Pamela Anderson isn't keeping her breakup from French soccer player Adil Rami private.

Pamela Anderson isn't keeping her breakup from French soccer player Adil Rami private.

The 51-year-old actress announced her split from the 33-year-old athlete on Tuesday after two years of dating by sharing a picture of the two of them during happier times on Instagram, but their split was far from amicable. Anderson accused Rami of cheating on her, calling him a "lying monster." In his own Instagram response, Rami denied he cheated on Anderson and asked for privacy.

But on her website, Anderson has now shared messages she claims she exchanged with Rami's ex-girlfriend, Sidonie Biemont, who is the mother of his twins, Zayn and Madi. The messages the former Baywatch star posted say that Biemont and Rami continued to see each other after he had already met Anderson, and that he lied to his ex about how serious he was with the actress. One of the messages says that Biemont eventually broke it off with him in early 2019 after getting tired of "being hidden and treated like that."

Meanwhile, the messages also contain allegations that Adil was abusive to Anderson during their relationship, cutting her friends out of her life and also physically hurting her.

"He was very cruel to me at times," one message reads. "He threw me around by my hair in L.A. last summer because I left him to go to a hotel after a photo shoot with friends."

The message later says that Anderson had to go to the hospital after he "crushed both [her] hands."

"I needed to go to hospital (6 months after) because I was in so much pain," the message reads. "I couldn’t write [or] open a water bottle. They need to put me to sleep to do injections."

In Rami's Instagram post on Tuesday, he says he at no point lived "a double life." He also mentions Biemont, and says he was simply trying to keep a good relationship with her as the mother of his children.

"A break is never really easy," he wrote in French. "Often in these situations, emotion can take over and we let it express excessively. Pamela is someone whole, who I respect, who has convictions and who is sincere in her struggles and for whom my love was always sincere. That’s what I want to remember (or hold on to). I don’t think we should talk about our intimacy, our history, which belongs to us. On this point, I want to shed light. At no point did I live a double life, I am simply determined to preserve a lasting relationship with my children and their mother, Sidonie, for whom I have a deep respect. It’s true that I should have being more transparent in this relationship. I take responsibility."

" ... I wish for privacy and discretion for our families and friends, even if I am pained and hurt," he continued. "I hope you understand and respect this."

He also pointed out his involvement with Solidarite Femmes, a non-profit for female victims of violence.

"I remain and will remain faithful to my values ​​and beliefs which are mine and continue to be committed to @solidaritefemmes, which is always so strong," he wrote. "I am proud to have participated in this great and beautiful campaign."

Anderson and Rami's breakup is a sharp turn from when ET spoke to her last June, and she gushed about her life in France with Rami.

"Well, one good thing is that we try to keep that private because he has his world, I have my world, and that’s not something we want to talk about because we really want to protect our privacy," she said at the time. "But, yes, I’m very happy. I’m very happy and I love France."

"My mom is so funny because every time she sees me and ... [I] want to complain about certain things she goes, 'Oh, stop! You’re happy! Look at your face. Deal with it!'" she continued. "Just, you know, there’s more good than bad. There’s more good than bad!"

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