Patton Oswalt Says Finding Love Again Was Like 'Getting Hit by Lightning Twice'

Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

The 48-year-old actor married Meredith Salenger earlier this month, a year and a half after the death of his first wife, Michelle McNamara.

Patton Oswalt couldn't be more grateful for finding his wife, Meredith Salenger. 

The 48-year-old actor, who married Salenger earlier this month, opened up about what it was like to fall in love again during a recent interview with NPR, a year and a half after the death of his first wife, Michelle McNamara

"I was lucky enough to meet and fall in love and have someone as extraordinary as Michelle McNamara fall in love with me," Oswalt said. "And then -- it's almost like getting hit by lightning twice, that the statistical odds are so insane -- I met someone just as, if not even more, extraordinary in this woman Meredith Salenger." 

"[I] fell in love with her and got her to fall in love with me and to fall in love with [my 8-year-old daughter], Alice," he added. 

Oswalt continued, likening his second wife to Mary Poppins, explaining that she helped bring him out of the depression he suffered after McNamara's death. The crime writer died in her sleep in April 2016, from a combination of prescription medications and an undiagnosed heart condition.

"I was beginning to kind of kiss the edge during those months," he said of the time immediately after McNamara's death. "I felt like I was fading out of the world ... just sort of treating myself like I had already died."

"This is going to sound so facile, but she's Mary Poppins. There's that line in the movie Saving Mr. Banks, 'She's not there to save the children. She's there to save the husband.' That's what Mary Poppins is there to do," he shared. "That is what Meredith has done for me and for Alice."

"Because she is such a life force, it almost feels like she was put here to see if her level of life force could revive this death vibe that I was living in and pull me out of it," he added. "And she did. She did, seemingly effortlessly."

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