Pete Davidson Recalls the Mother's Day Gift He Bought 8 Years in a Row -- and He Has Britney Spears to Thank

Take a walk down memory lane this Mother's Day with Pete Davidson and his mom.

Pete Davidson took a walk down memory lane for Mother's Day this year. The former Saturday Night Live star and Bupkis creator joined his mom, Amy Davidson, for an interview with Good Housekeeping featuring the duo's favorite ways Pete has honored his mother. 

"Mother's Day is an important holiday in my household," Pete tells the magazine. Pete is famously close with his mom, who repeatedly appeared on the Mother's Day episode of SNL during Pete's tenure on the show. Her husband, Pete's father, died fighting fires in the 9/11 attacks when Pete was a child. 

"We're a close family, and growing up, my sister and I always tried to make things special, although I wasn't always good at it," Pete adds. "I'm pretty sure I bought her the same Britney Spears perfume eight years in a row." 

Though Amy says that she never wore the perfume, she strongly believes it's always the thought that counts. "Pete and his sister, Casey, have done a lot for me over the years," she says. "As children, they would always wake me up with breakfast in bed."

According to Amy, Pete is quite a skilled cook. "One Mother’s Day, Pete outdid himself and made me an entire croquembouche," she says. "It was unimaginable, like something out of an exotic French bakery! A beautiful tower of cream puffs drizzled with chocolate caramel! It was mind-blowing and how I knew my little boy had something special, if this was what he could pull off when he focused his love and energy." 

Pete's new show, Bupkis, premiered May 4 on Peacock. The series, based on Pete's real life, features Edie Falco as his mother and Joe Pesci as his grandfather. Pete plays himself. 

Falco, also present for the interview, says her kids have tried their own hands at cooking on Mother's Day, with more limited success. 

"They were little, so they didn’t know I didn’t take sugar in my coffee," Falco says. "And they also didn’t quite know the difference between the salt and the sugar, so it wasn’t the best cup of coffee I ever tasted, but they won some serious points for adorableness." 

Much of Pete's childhood memories of Amy contributed to Falco's onscreen character. But, Pete says, not all his and his mother's memories are based in truth. "When I was younger, I bought the uncensored Eminem Show CD, which of course I wasn’t allowed to have, so I kept it in a Rod Stewart jewel case," he recalls. "My mom noticed, and for years she'd play Rod Stewart to have something we could bond over. I'd be sitting in the car and suddenly she'd say 'It's Rod!' and start singing along to 'Maggie May.' I had to learn the songs just to keep the lie going."

The lie paid off, Pete says. "I kinda learned to like Rod Stewart," he jokes. 

"Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there filling the role of Mom," Pete concludes. "Whatever amount of credit you're getting, it's not enough. We love you. Don't forget to watch Bupkis!" 

Bupkis is now available on Peacock.