Pete Davidson Reacts to His BDE Label: 'I Don't Understand'

The 'SNL' alum has dated a series of A-list stars, including Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

Pete Davidson is confused. The 29-year-old comedian spoke with Charlamagne the God on Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM where he was asked about the rumors surrounding a particular body part.

"I don't understand. It's really not that special," Davidson said. "It's a very normal-sized penis. It's not too big or too small. Yeah, I don't understand that."

Davidson -- who has dated a number of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber, and Kate Beckinsale -- added that the feedback he's received doesn't exactly align with the big d**k energy (BDE) label he's landed.

"It's big enough to enjoy and not big enough to hurt, is what I was told," Davidson said, laughing.

Davidson even touches on the moniker in the new trailer for his Peacock series, Bupkis.

"You've got that big d**k right? Like p***y Thanos," Ray Romano's character tells Davidson.

Davidson first got the BDE label thanks to his ex-fiancée, Grande, who reportedly commented on her ex's size when asked how long her song, "Pete Davidson," was. She answered, "10 inches." 

As for the term itself, while Davidson made BDE famous, the phallic phrase was originally coined by writer Kyrell Grant as a tribute to the late Anthony Bourdain.

Davidson previously addressed the "compliment" during his 2019 standup shows.

"You sit back and you're like, 'Why?' Why would girl who knows this information break up with a guy, set him loose, make him kind of famous and then be like, 'He has a huge d**k?' Why would you do that? It's so that every girl who f***s me for the rest of my life is disappointed," he joked. "It's genius! Sick! F***ing sick!"

Davidson's new show, Bupkis, premieres Thursday, May 4 on Peacock.