Everything Pete Davidson Has Said About Ariana Grande and His 'Energy' During His Stand-Up Shows

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
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The former couple called off their engagement in October.

Pete Davidson has had a lot to say about his split from Ariana Grande.

Since calling it quits back in October, the former couple has both publicly addressed their breakup; Grande in social media posts and with new music, Davidson while performing stand-up routines.

About a week after their split, Davidson appeared in a Los Angeles, California, comedy show with Judd Apatow, and joked about needing a new place to stay. A couple of weeks later, the 25-year-old Saturday Night Live star joked about the short-lived relationship in a promo for the show.

Those one-off jokes turned longer in a pair of stand-up shows earlier this month. Recently, during a performance at Tarrytown Music Hall in New York, Davidson referenced Grande's song, "Thank U, Next," which she dropped shortly after their breakup.

"So, I don't know if any of you guys have ever been dumped via diss record, but here's how it goes: Historically, in music, in the diss record section, diss records are kind of, like, alluded. It's, like, alluded, right? Not this song," he reportedly lamented, according to E!. "This song was taken with a slightly different approach. She named all of us right off the bat. Which is a very G, like, 'f**k you' move, which is very cool. I get it."

"Here's how I feel, honestly: I get it, right? It's work. Work's work. This is what we do. I'm talking about it now. It's fair game. Right?" Davidson continued. "Here's the only thing I don't like. There's one thing I don't like, OK? I don't like that she talked all this sh*t for my d*ck. It made me feel weird."

The comments from Grande that Davidson was referring to came in a since-deleted June tweet from the "God Is a Woman" singer.

"This relationship doesn't go well with this very popular person, and then she goes, 'Oh, it didn't go well. He has a big d*ck, though.' And everybody's like, 'Oh, what a nice girl.' No! 'Genius' is the correct word," he said. "There's a reason why she is who she is. She is one of the smartest people in the world. It's true. She is a very tiny girl, right? She has very tiny hands. Everything is f**king fun-sized to her, OK? She knows this! It was a big joke when we first started dating."

He went on to jokingly complain that Grande ruined him in terms of future women's expectations.

"You sit back and you're like, 'Why?' Why would girl who knows this information break up with a guy, set him loose, make him kind of famous and then be like, 'He has a huge d*ck?' Why would you do that? It's so that every girl who f**ks me for the rest of my life is disappointed. It's genius! Sick! F**king sick!"

At the same event, Davidson admitted to hooking up with a friend after his breakup and asking her what she thought of his penis size.

“I did what all douchebags do after a breakup -- went to Soho House. That’s what all douchebags do,” he reportedly said, according to Us Weekly. "We hooked up and I asked her, ‘OK, what is [the size of my manhood] in comparison. She said, ‘Well, it’s nice, but it’s like an average black man’s, so it’s nice, but like the size of an average black d*ck.’ So I thought, ‘OK, that is white privilege.’” 

The following night, Davidson played a show in New Jersey and further complained about when Grande dropped "Thank U, Next," right before he took the stage on SNL.

"Did you know you could only release music at 11 p.m. on a Saturday? Did you know? Right before your ex has a live show?" Davidson reportedly said, according to Cosmopolitan. "I called 'Music' and they said they can't release it at any other time."

Back in November, a source told ET that all of Davidson's jokes about his split are likely due to the fact that he's "embarrassed by the breakup."

"His friends think he is embarrassed by the breakup and that he has to overcompensate by making jokes about their relationship, because, days before they split, he was saying they would never break up,” one source said. 

At the time, however, another source told ET that he's just trying to move on.

"He's obviously hurt it didn't work out but is doing his best to move on. Anyone would be hurt after an engagement was broken off," the second source said. "Pete joked about him and Ariana [when they were together]. So joking about breaking up and their relationship is not new."

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