Pete Davidson Jokingly Proposes to 'SNL' Musical Guest After Ariana Grande Split

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson
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The 24-year-old actor said he's '0 for 3' -- but who's the other woman?

Is Pete Davidson ready to jump back on the horse? 

Just weeks after he and Ariana Grande ended their engagement, he's proposed again. Though this time, it's just for fun in a new Saturday Night Live promo. In the clip, which teases the upcoming episode that Jonah Hill will host with musical guest Maggie Rogers, Davidson doesn't go as far to get down on one knee, but he does ask for Rogers' hand in marriage. 

"Hey Maggie, I'm Pete," he says in the video. "You wanna get married?" 

"No," Rogers replies.

"0 for 3," Davidson jokes -- but if Grande is No. 1, and Rogers is No. 2... who is No. 3? 

Before Davidson was romantically linked to Grande earlier this year, he was dating Cazzie David. He revealed during an interview with Complex's Open Late with Peter Rosenberg in May that "we're not together anymore." 

The actor and comedian didn't disclose much about their split, but had nothing but kind words for his ex, telling Rosenberg, that she's a "very talented girl" and that "she'll do great, she'll be fine."

When asked if he was going to be OK after their split, Davidson shrugged, saying, "Yeah, probably."

The SNL star appears to be recovering just as well after his breakup from Grande. Watch below.