Pink Is 'Super Proud' of Daughter Willow: 'She Marches to the Beat of Her Own Drum' (Exclusive)

Pink had no shortage of praise for her firstborn daughter as the soon-to-be teenager paves her own path.

Much like the tree of her same name, Pink's daughter, Willow, is branching out. 

The singer gushed over her firstborn's sense of self in a new interview with ET's Denny Directo. While chatting on the Paley Center red carpet Monday in honor of the new documentary, Bob Mackie: Naked Illusion, Pink gushed over her daughter's individual style. 

"Willow is her own bird. She's amazing," the performer said. "She just shaved her head."

Pink, who recently chaperoned Willow's middle school dance, noticed her daughter is paving her own path. "I look around and everybody's doing a certain thing and she's just not," the star said of the soon-to-be 13-year-old. "She just -- she marches to the beat of her own drum, and I’m super proud of her and she's really talented."

In addition to Willow, whose milestone birthday comes in June, Pink and husband Carey Hart are also parents to son Jameson, 7. 

Meanwhile, the artist also had high praise for the guest of honor, Bob Mackie, whose designs she's donned on stage and red carpets over the years "The thing about Bob for me is I'm a gymnast, right, I'm this tall and I'm a box and he draws you so that you look 10 feet tall," she said. "He's the only person I've ever worked with that draws the best version of you and then puts you in it. He thinks about your body. You know, I have these little muscles here. He built me a pair of pants that were right below it. He just makes you feel like sex on a stick."

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