Pregnant Anne Hathaway Looks Divine in All White at 'Modern Love' Premiere

Anne Hathaway Modern Love Premiere
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

The actress spoke to ET about her new Amazon series and her own "modern love" earlier in the day.

Anne Hathaway is breathtaking.

The actress showed off her burgeoning baby bump in a stunning white ensemble at the premiere of her new show, Modern Love, at the Museum of Modern Love (MoML) in New York City on Thursday.

"When you're this pregnant, you have no choice but to saunter. Like it's either a saunter or a waddle," she jokingly told ET's Rachel Smith at a junket for the show earlier in the day. "So if you slow the waddle down, you can sometimes manage a saunter."

Hathaway, who is expecting her second child with husband Adam Schulman, looked divine at the premiere in an off-the-shoulder cream-colored blouse that featured a long flowing ruffle. She paired the statement piece with white trousers, a single-strap gold heel and matching gold jewelry. Her hair was up in a sleek up-do and her makeup was minimal with an added bold red lip that perfectly completed the look.

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

When asked how her pregnancy is going, she shared that she's doing "really well," adding, "I'm at the stage where some days you're a little bit more tired, some days you wake up and you have so much energy and today is one of those days. So timing is going very well."

Hathaway, meanwhile, is so excited for Modern Love, Amazon's upcoming eight-episode romantic comedy anthology series. Each episode focuses on a different story of love, varying from romantic affection to sibling love to familial bonds.

In Hathaway and co-star Gary Carr's installment -- an episode titled "Take Me As I Am" -- the show follows a woman, Lexi (Hathaway) who is trying to accept that she is bipolar while trying to find love. Hathaway's character is inspired by Maniac author Terri Cheney's real-life journey. Carr plays Lexi's love interest, Jeff. 

As for Hathaway's personal love story, she's been happily married to Shulman for seven years. The two are also parents to 3-year-old son Jonathan. The actress told ET she's grateful for her own "modern love" and the fact that it's kept her off social media dating apps.

"I feel very lucky to be the age I am, because I feel like my relationship with social media has kind of got a balance built into it," she explained. "Because I was young and I was growing up with that and that was like such a huge relationship, and that was my relationship with other people. I don't know how young people are doing it."

Luckily, Hathaway is madly in love with her hubby. She joked that if it wasn't for how great of a person he is, she wouldn't be married.

"The only reason I'm married is because of my husband. No, I'm serious," Hathaway said. "Like, if it was anybody else I'd be divorced so many times."

When asked what it is about Shulman that she adores, she replied, "Oh, there's not enough time [to explain]. There really isn't, and I think he would rather be hit on the head with, like, a wooden block then have me discuss my love for him in this context."

All eight episodes of Modern Love debut Friday, Oct. 18 on Amazon Prime. 

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