Pregnant Cardi B Tries Rhythmic Gymnastics With Amanda Seales

The rapper tries her hand at gymnastics on the latest episode of 'Cardi Tries __.'

Cardi B is trying out for a gold medal in the latest episode of her Facebook Watch Together, series, Cardi Tries __The pregnant rapper took to the mat alongside Amanda Seales, who has a background in gymnastics, to try her hand at the sport after revealing that her and Offset's 3-year-old daughter, Kulture, has shown interest in doing gymnastics.

"I am not a flexible person, however, everything that I can do, I'm gonna make sure my daughter can do," the 28-year-old emcee told Seales. "Now that she turned three, I'm gonna put her in gymnastics class. I just want her to be really flexible because being flexible always takes you a long way with everything."

In the clip, Seales showed off some flips while the soon-to-be mother of two twirled around and tried her hand at spirals with a ribbon, which she seemed to be a natural at.

Cardi and Seales impressed their instructor, Stasya Generalova, who's on the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics national team.

"When I heard Cardi B and Amanda were coming to my class, I was beyond stoked, because I know Cardi B is a complete performer, she knows how to get the audience going, and you need that in rhythmic gymnastics," Generalova said. "And Amanda's an ex-gymnast, so I know she has tricks up her sleeve."

While Cardi enjoyed her time on the floor, she admitted that gymnastics might not have been the best choice this far along in her pregnancy.

"After I give birth, I'll probably try artistic [gymnastics], because right now I can't really cross my legs together or nothing," she said.

During a recent appearance on social-audio platform Stationhead, hosted by BardiGangRadio, the "Wild Side" rapper said she won't be having a baby shower this time around. 

"I'm not having a baby shower. That's why I did Kulture's birthday really, really big. I just get overwhelmed when I do these big birthdays and I just feel like the baby shower with Kulture's birthday is just too close. Just to see the same people over again, and it's like, not doing it," she explained.

Cardi, who is expecting her second child with husband Offset, said she realized she was pregnant just two weeks before her 2021 GRAMMY Awards performance with Megan Thee Stallion. While at rehearsals, she started feeling nauseous and began suffering from a slew of pregnancy symptoms, including car sickness and headaches. The rapper confirmed the news to her husband after taking a pregnancy test.

"'I think I’m pregnant, bro,'" she said of the moment she told Offset, revealing that they both started laughing because "Lord, we have so much to do!"

Cardi Tries __ is viewable on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram and Facebook Watch.