Prince Jackson Thinks His Dad Would Be 'Proud' of Him Giving Back Amid Coronavirus (Exclusive)

The 23-year-old also tells ET he'd love to see 'We Are the World' come back amid the pandemic.

Prince Jackson hopes he's making his late father proud. 

In an interview with ET's Keltie Knight, the son of the late Michael Jackson opened up about how he's giving back amid the coronavirus pandemic, and the charitable spirit instilled in him by his dad. 

"I would like to think that [my dad would be] be very proud, because I think this was one of his main goals -- not only to spread his message of positivity and happiness, but to see it enacted in his kids," Prince shared. "As a father, I think that's what you want to do when you raise kids. You're preparing them for the world and the type of person they're going to be."

"I'm very grateful that I have this feeling that it's this collaborative ecosystem -- we all need to help each other -- and that came from the way that he raised us," he continued. "I was very fortunate to have him as a father. I had a lot of unique experiences growing up, and what I'm trying to do with my platform and the non-profit or the charity organization is to share those experiences." 

The Jackson family is doing well amid quarantine, Prince said. He's been keeping in contact with his sister, Paris, and brother, Bigi. He's also offering support to his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, though from a distance, as she's in an at-risk group for the virus. 

A "homebody" before the pandemic, Prince is now just taking "extra precaution" and giving back as much as he can. Prince has teamed up with Fresh N Lean to hand out meals to those in need. It's an important partnership for the 23-year-old and his charity, Heal Los Angeles.

"In this time with the quarantine and everything surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there's a shortage of food. And when there's a shortage of food, there's a shortage of food being donated to local food banks, and when that's happening there's a lot of people who don't have access to food in general," he explained. 

"What's great about Fresh N Lean is that they're committed to serving their communities in the best way possible, and they provide organic, freshly-made meals that are pretty easy and ready to make," Prince added. "It was just a really good fit, and we're lucky to be able to collaborate together."

"[It's] cool to see that we're starting to make an impact in our local communities," he shared. "We're starting to build those relationships and having those people kinda come back to us and hopefully start to build that trust." 

Prince also opened up to ET about Lionel Richie saying he'd love to bring back "We Are the World" to offer some hope and unity amid the pandemic. Richie wrote "We Are the World" with Prince's late father; over 40 stars came together to record the song to raise money for African famine 35 years ago. 

"You have to remember when that came out it was a unifying message about trying to bring people together... it's a message of positivity. It still holds that message and I think it's still relevant today," he expressed. 

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