Prince William Reveals the Worst Gift He Ever Bought Kate Middleton ‘Early on in the Courtship’

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Dundee in 2019
Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

'It didn't go well,' he said.

Being a future king doesn't mean Prince William is the best gift giver! The 38-year-old British royal opened up on The Peter Crouch Podcast about one embarrassing gift he once gave to his wife, Kate Middleton, early into their romance. 

"I gave my wife a pair of binoculars once. She's never let me forget that. That was early on in the courtship, that was," he quips. "I think that sealed the deal, really. Yeah, I wrapped them."

William explains that he convinced himself that the gift was a good one, and tried to tell his future wife and the mother of his three children as much. 

"I tried convincing myself about it. I was like, 'Yeah, but these are really amazing, look how far you can see!' And she's looking at me going, 'They're binoculars, what's going on?'" He recalls. "It didn't go well." 

When the podcast hosts ask William if Kate is a bird watcher, he replies, "No, honestly I have no idea why I bought her a pair of binoculars."

William also opens up about the effect quarantine has had on his life at home with Kate and their three children. 

"I find it pretty testing, I'm not going to lie, trying to keep the children engaged and interested in some sort of work, it's been an interesting few months," he says of home schooling his two eldest children, Prince George, 7, and Princess Charlotte, 5. 

William adds he's learned that his "patience is a lot shorter than I thought it was, and that my wife has super patience." 

"Basically, we're a good team tag session where I come in and have a chat with the children and try to get them to do stuff and then hand it over to Catherine when, frankly, everything's going wrong," he admits. "I have to say, I was a bit embarrassed with my math knowledge. I can't do year two math."

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