Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Has 'Daddy and Mommy' Night Out to Celebrate South Asian Excellence (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the actress at the South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars celebration.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are celebrating South Asian excellence. ET's Denny Directo spoke to Chopra and Anjula Acharia, at the South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars celebration Thursday night, where they highlighted the importance of celebrating South Asian culture.

"I'm so grateful that we've had the ability to not just return, but do it in such an amazing capacity and be hosted by Paramount Pictures," Chopra, who is co-hosting Thursday night's event with Mindy Kaling shared. "I mean, this is iconic. And to be able to look around me, and see my peers and colleagues that have hustled and pounded the pavement for years, and to be able to have them receive a moment that's just theirs, makes me like, cry."

As for what to expect at the event, Chopra said the night is all about the nominees, all of whom are nominated in some capacity for an Academy Award.

Nominated films at this year's ceremony include RRRTurning Red, All That BreathesThe Elephant Whisperers and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

"This night is about the nominees, and you see a lot of them coming," she explained. This'll be about giving them the stage and giving them a moment. Showcasing a little bit of the movies and championing them as the Oscars come back."

While Chopra and Kaling are sharing a stage at the event, the pair have actually known each other for quite some time, with the new mom telling ET,  "I mean -- mostly we talk about the bad stuff, like when bad stuff happens, we call each other." 

Chopra added of her longtime friend, "And I've noticed, yeah we'll meet at Holi parties or Diwali -- parties and social events -- but we actually call each other when sh*t goes down. And we're like, 'I'm not feeling good about this. And she helps me through. And she's like, 'I'm not feeling good about it.' It's so nice to have -- you know when girls have each other's back. Especially, to have that with someone who comes from where I do. Even though we have culturally very different experiences, it's just wonderful to have that."

Thursday's event also served as a date night for Chopra and Jonas, who welcomed baby Malti less than a year ago via surrogate. When asked if these events get harder to do with a newborn, Chopra said that luckily, baby Malti is sound asleep.

Brian Feinzimer/Variety via Getty Images

"She's asleep. Thank God," the new mom gushed. "Can you imagine? No, tonight's daddy and mommy's night out."

While the couple has been protective over their baby girl and has made an effort to keep their daughter's face hidden on social media, they most recently showed her off on Instagram in honor of Valentine's Day, with Malti attending her first public event at dad's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in January, alongside her famous uncles. At the event, Nick gushed to ET about how "special" it was for his daughter to be there.

For more on Chopra and Jonas, check out the video below.