Priyanka Chopra Is a Mother and Wife Facing Her Child's Illness in First 'The Sky Is Pink' Trailer

Priyanka Chopra Jonas
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is returning to Bollywood with a heartwarming new film.

On Tuesday, the trailer was released for The Sky Is Pink, a real-life love story beset with a truly devastating challenge. The 37-year-old actress plays Aditi Chaudhary, a mental health therapist and the wife of Niren Chaudhary (Farhan Akhtar), whose whirlwind romance begins with clandestine phone calls and rides together on his scooter. 

However, the responsibilities of adulthood become apparent when the couple discovers Aditi is pregnant. Next, the film jumps years down the line to show teenage daughter Aisha Chaudhary. (Zaira Wasim) and son Ishaan Chaudhary (Rohit Saraf). 

"I have seen many love stories. Filmy, one-sided, epic. But my favorite, if a little tragic, is the love story of Panda and Moose," Aisha, the film's narrator, says in the trailer's voice over, referencing her father and mother's nicknames. "Like love stories ending in tragedy, I'm the villain making this love story tragic."

Aisha has pulmonary fibrosis, a serious lung disease which forces the family to confront hard truths and support each other while facing possible loss.

ET spoke with Chopra Jonas at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, during the film's press day, about her first Indian production in three years and its intimate subject matter.

"It was such an honor," she shared of the experience. "This film is -- I can't explain it. Especially on so many levels, not just because of what it talks about and how real that is to me, but also the fact that I feel like it's a little bit of my home, because I'm producing it with two of my closest friends." 

"There was a freedom to just coming to set and knowing we could collaborate, we could talk about things, how we wanted to do it," Chopra Jonas added. "Everybody was on the same page."

The leading lady was married to Nick Jonas in the middle of production, lending it even more significance for her -- while also being the first project featuring her new last name.

"Oh my gosh, that just made it official, I guess, now that it's in my credit," she exclaimed while discussing the change in her credit. "[I'm] clearly not used to it. I guess it's very, very fitting because I got married during this movie... It's fitting that this my first one, and it's my first credit as a producer in a Hindi-language movie. So that's cool. It's very fitting that it's all happened at this time with this movie." 

The Sky Is Pink hits theaters on Oct. 11. 

Check out the trailer above.


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