Priyanka Chopra Sounds Off on Beauty Standards and the Pressures of Being a Woman in Hollywood (Exclusive)

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is getting real about beauty standards and pressures in Hollywood.

The Isn't It Romantic actress and activist exclusively chatted with ET's Lauren Zima on Saturday at Beautycon Festival LA about the need to expand more on diversity in beauty. 

"I mean, I think the fact that we're having conversations about it is a step forward than where it always has been," Priyanka said. "Beauty as diversity should not be a conversation. It should be normal. So I feel like we need to go beyond the conversations now and actually see it represented and you see that in a lot of people and a lot of representation in marketing and advertising, but I think we need to go beyond it for sure." 

The former pageant queen went on to speak about the importance of being honest, despite the pressure of constantly looking perfect in Hollywood.

"I mean, I think the standard of beauty is something that has been created by us and, like, people like you and I more in the entertainment business, and I think calling that out in the first place and saying that, yeah, there are days where you can look perfect with the perfect hair and makeup and perfect wardrobe, but there will be days where you don't and that's fine too. Especially with women. We fluctuate all the time. We have good hair days. Good skin days and the other way around. And it's OK to own that. I think that's fine too. I think as long as we do that, we can live in a balanced world, right?" 

Priyanka credits traveling all over the world for framing her open perspective on different types of beauty and cultures. 

"I've been really exposed to that, which I think instills a sense of confidence in me that no matter what you look like, there is a beauty there and it's the loss of someone else if they can't see it," the 37-year-old star added. "And I feel like that's the kind of confidence that I hope the next generation of girls will have instead of having to worry about what the five people on Instagram say about you, you know? It's like finding the spring in your step when you walk out of the door because you feel not because someone else is telling you it is." 

The brunette stunner shared the mantra she lives by when it comes to self-confidence and acceptance. 

"I mean, find your confidence, you know, instead of looking for it in other people's validation. I think that's most important is to look in the mirror and be like, 'I'm good with me. It does not matter what anyone else says.' What you feel like when you walk out in the morning is the most important. Good, bad or ugly by the way. Really. I don't feel great all day, every day and even when you feel bad, it's OK to feel bad, it's OK to be vulnerable." 

Mrs. Jonas also gave ET the scoop on her favorite beauty treatment, and it's unexpectedly so simple. 

"I'm a little particular about what goes on my face 'cause the money maker, you know, I want to be a little bit careful," Priyanka said. "But I, needles on face, like when they do that dermabrasion thing, she started it and I was off the chair, I was like, no, but I'm not someone who does crazy stuff to my face. I prefer to be old school. Moisturizer, facials, like, take care of your skin kind of thing. Lots of water, hydration." 

With so many celebs starting their own beauty brands, is there a Priyanka Chopra line in the future? 

"I mean, it's not something I've not thought of and it's too early to talk about, but I am someone who enjoys beauty," she said. "I love playing with colors. I love playing with makeup, hair. So it doesn't look like it might not happen in my future." 


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