‘Queer Eye’ Star Jonathan Van Ness Is Totally Taking Style Cues From Prince Louis (Exclusive)

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Step aside, honey, because Jonathan Van Ness is about to put his on spin on a royal style!

The 31-year-old Queer Eye star opened up to ET’s Kristen Gill at the 5th Annual Beautycon Festival LA on Sunday about his plans for co-star Karamo Brown’s fall wedding.

Last month, Karamo told ET’s Courtney Tenezo, “It’s funny because Jonathan keeps telling me, I said, ‘Do you want to be my best man?’ And he’s like, ‘No, I want to be your ring bearer, your little ring girl.’ I’m like, ‘OK, honey, you can be my ring girl, whatever you want.’”

Apparently no one broke the news to Jonathan, so when ET spoke to him, he was over the moon.

Jonathan Van Ness
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“This is news to me – pink carpet news! I’m so excited. I would be so honored to be a ring bearer. I want to be a ring bearer,” he gushed. “I just want to wear, like, a really cute little, like, Prince Charles outfit.”

Clearly, he means a Prince Louis outfit (not the little cutie’s 69-year-old grandfather). “Like, I want to wear a little, like, white cute little frock. Did you see the christening gown?" he exclaimed with a gasp. "I have to say, Princess Kate [Middleton], like, yes, recycling fashion, thank you for giving me permission to recycle things. It could be a family thing, like, all three of those babies wore the same christening outfit and it was so stunning. I want a 31-year-old, six-foot tall version of the christening gown. I need one!”

As for taking responsibility when it comes to wedding planning, Jonathan admitted that it’s not his strong suit.

“I’ll help Bobby plan it, but honestly Bobby is really good at planning stuff,” he says of his Queer Eye co-star, Bobby Berk. “That’s, like, his forte. Bobby, like, how can I support you? Let me know the Venmo code, like, I will. I totally got you on this or like I could do a hotels reservation just cut me off a chunk of it, Bobby.”

The grooming guru also gave his beauty tips, noting they’re not always “on trend.”

“I’ve never been a trend queen,” he confessed. “I’ve always said that whatever makes you feel the best or what hits your eye. Beauty is the eye of the beholder, but I also think that what looks good classically usually looks good and that at some point was a trend… I don’t know, but I also just would empower people to feel good in what they’re wearing so unless it’s just like really, really super abhorrent and then even I’m like, ‘Girl, how can we work on this together?’”

Karamo recently dished to ET about his dreams for his big day. Watch the clip below to see what he wants:


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