Rachel Bloom on Her 'Humble' Emmys Pregnancy Reveal: Find If She's Having a Boy or a Girl! (Exclusive)

See how the 32-year-old actress broke the exciting news!

Rachel Bloom found the perfect opportunity to announce that she's expecting her first child with husband Dan Gregor.

At the 2019 Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator/star won Best Original Music and Lyrics. When Bloom headed backstage, she let the cat out of the bag that she's three-months pregnant -- and she confirmed to ET's Denny Directo that she's expecting a baby girl! 

"Everyone's asking me what you're gonna do now, and it's like, 'All right, this feels like the right time to say that.' I just really wanted to share my happy news with the world!" she shared. "Like, [the Emmy] makes me so happy and [my pregnancy] makes me happy."

Bloom admitted that the announcement wasn't exactly planned. "It was like 50/50," she said of sharing her big news in the press room. "I'm at the three-month mark, so it was like, 'Time to share stuff,' but also might as well do it as a press announcement... It's very cool to be able to tell my someday-daughter that she was on stage with me when I was doing that opening number."

The 32-year-old actress joked she was "humble" in the way she broke her own news, compared to Beyonce's 2011 pregnancy announcement at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The actress opened up more about her pregnancy while speaking with ET's Leanne Aguilera during day two of the the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday. 

"I was planning to [announce] it today, because my breasts have grown about three sizes. I think it's very obvious," she said, sarcastically adding, "I also wore a dress clearly trying to hide it."

When asked about how fans have reacted to her announcement, she gushed, "It's been lovely! The fans have been really nice and supportive. ...It's weird for something this personal to be so public, but people have been lovely and generous with it."

After sharing her big news on Saturday, Bloom shared a boomerang of herself proudly displaying her Emmy with fellow winners Adam Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen for their song, "Antidepressants Are So Not a Big Deal," captioning the pic, "WE WON AN EMMY!!!!!!! also btw I'm pregnant."

This will be the first child for Bloom and her husband, Dan Gregor, who wed in 2015 after six years of dating. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's series finale aired on April 5. Prior to that, Bloom spoke with ET about the message she hoped the show conveyed to viewers.

"Not to view romantic love as something ethereal and out of one's control," she stated. "I think that's the most interesting thing of what we're saying -- there are stories where no matter how cynical the story is, there's always like, 'But then there's love!' And it's like, no, that's a lie, that's bullsh*t. People get into trouble with putting romantic love on a pedestal above everything else." 

"It's rooted in our lizard brain to want to reproduce," she continued. "It's not this heavenly, ethereal thing, even though it feels good and we are social animals and having a partner is great. But the way that it's, 'Well, if you're in love, nothing else matters,' that's really dangerous."

The show itself, which ran for four seasons on The CW, drove home the idea in the finale's last moments via Bloom's character, Rebecca Bunch. "But whoever it's with, it won't be ending up with someone because romantic love is not an ending, not for me or for anyone else here. It's just a part of your story. A part of who you are," she said.

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