Raquel Leviss’ Restraining Order Against Scheana Shay Dismissed

The restraining order has officially been dismissed.

Raquel Leviss' temporary restraining order against Scheana Shay has officially been dismissed, ET has learned. 

Earlier this month, Leviss filed the restraining order against her Vanderpump Rules co-star, seeking court-ordered protection from Shay following an alleged altercation between them.

After submitting the TRO request, the judge approved it and ordered Shay to stay 100 yards away from Leviss, her home, vehicle and workplace. Shay pushed back at claims made by Leviss in her filing for a restraining order. 

On Wednesday, Leviss and her attorney didn’t show up to court for their hearing and the judge dismissed the restraining order. 

Shay's attorney, Neama Rahmani, who refers to Leviss by her legal name, Rachel, tells ET, "This isn’t reality TV. This is the real world and Rachel’s actions have real consequences. Rachel filed a false police report, a false medical report, and a frivolous petition for a restraining order. Scheana didn’t punch Rachel. Rachel didn’t get a black eye. Scheana pushed Rachel but only after Rachel grabbed her wrist, and Rachel did not suffer a concussion."

He adds, "When Rachel realized that she would lose in court and that she couldn’t just drop it, she decided to not show up at all. We were prepared to expose Rachel’s lies, but instead she will have to live knowing that she betrayed two of her best friends: Scheana and Ariana. Instead of accepting responsibility for her actions, Rachel shamefully tried to misuse our justice system to shift blame to Scheana. We are happy that Scheana is now vindicated."

A representative for Shay who was in the courtroom during the TRO hearing tells ET, "The judge dismissed the TRO and permanent restraining order petition based on the absence of Raquel or her counsel. The judge made no mention of any communications or filings from Raquel to the court regarding how she would like to proceed in the case. The only reason the case was dismissed is because Raquel wasn’t there. Any statements from her camp to the contrary are inconsistent with the judge’s ruling."

As for Leviss, her rep tells ET, "Scheana and her attorney were notified from the reunion to emails that Raquel wasn't moving forward with the RO. The court was notified by Raquel’s counsel that we were not attending and are not moving forward and we had filed the paperwork requested by the court clerk which is stamped received."

They add, "Their attendance was to grandstand which was predictable but at least he finally admits there was physicality involved and Raquel stands by her initial statement that Scheana punched her in the face supported by photos of her bruised eyebrow bone and slashed eyebrow. Not the dark circles that Scheana is trying to deflect towards."

Raquel Leviss

TMZ reports Shay and her lawyer were at the courthouse. 

Last week, Leviss exclusively told ET, "I can confirm that my attorney took my case off the court calendar Wednesday and is filing the appropriate paperwork requested by the court today to dismiss the TRO from moving forward after the 29th. We let the court know I will not be moving forward with a permanent restraining order. My team tried to work with Scheana on a mutually beneficial agreement hoping to get the TRO dropped earlier so we could film [the reunion] together."

She continued, "The TRO was intended to provide a cooling-off period after I was punched but I didn’t want to continue with the permanent RO nor did I want to cause Scheana further agony and stress."

During the filming of the Vanderpump Rules reunion last Thursday, Leviss gave host Andy Cohen a document that showed she planned to drop the restraining order against Shay. 

Neama Rahmani
Neama Rahmani

Meanwhile, Shay's attorney told ET that Leviss "served" her co-star papers with "no legal meaning."

"Rachel had Andy 'serve' Scheana with a document during the reunion, but the papers have no legal meaning. It was a request to dismiss a complaint or a civil lawsuit, but Rachel had requested a permanent restraining order, which is something completely different." Rahmani told ET. "There is no way for Rachel to 'drop' the temporary restraining order before next week’s hearing. This is California law and even on the court’s website. … This was just another public relations stunt by Rachel and her team."

As for Leviss, she told ET, "The document was a dismissal form that the court asked us to submit and I wanted to show Scheana my intentions and that we had informed the judge we weren’t moving forward- and it was an explanation at the reunion to alleviate Scheana’s concerns."

Prior to the reunion and behind the scenes, Leviss and Shay’s teams tried to work out an agreement so the two could film the reunion together, but it fell apart.

A source told ET, "Raquel’s team, with productions knowledge, attempted to find a mutually acceptable resolution with Scheana to help get the TRO dropped prior to filming so that they could both attend the reunion together. Raquel’s team proposed they would both agree that the argument escalated and got physical but that both women wished to move forward from it, agreed there was no fault, would stop talking about it after the reunion, and would stop making any disparaging remarks related to the incident after the reunion."

"Had they come to a reasonable agreement Raquel was prepared to appear in court Tuesday to drop the TRO. Unfortunately, Scheana rebuked the offer, which kept the burden on production to find a solution for them to film separately,"  the source added. "Sources close to the situation say Scheana’s team wanted Raquel to say the punch never happened, and Raquel refused." 

Ultimately at the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Leviss and Shay were both there in person but had to stay 100 feet away from one another and filmed segments separately

This drama comes amid Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix calling it quits earlier this month after cheating allegations between Sandoval and Leviss came to light.