'RHOA': Why NeNe Leakes Says She and Kandi Burruss Switch Places This Season (Exclusive)

The star explained why she may seem different on the show, as she deals with her husband's cancer battle.

NeNe Leakes says the tears are flowing for her on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Leakes sat down with ET's Lauren Zima on Wednesday to talk about how the show's 11th season has been different for her.

"This season, I turn into Kandi Burruss, and she actually turns into me," Leakes said. "I cry all season. It's so exhausting. I don't know how people cry like this. You know, Kandi would cry if you just start talking to her."

Sadly, Leakes' tears have been brought on by her husband Gregg's cancer battle, and she admits that the fight is taking a toll on the couple.

"It feels like a very slow divorce," she said. "It really does, because we're in two different places right now. And this is not anything that he can help, he can't control this, this is his body. And this time in our relationship, this is when your vows are really tested. Through sickness and health, honey, that's what you're supposed to do."

Leakes said Gregg is "doing really, really well," however, and she still retains some of her humor, and of course, her honesty.

"When I tell you I cry this season, oh my god, it's so exhausting. And you also get lines under your eyes and puffiness and you need to go see the plastic surgeon," Leakes joked.

Season 11 of the long-running reality show is full of changes for much of the cast, from weddings to pregnancies and more, but Leakes says what it really focuses on is the bond between the women -- and saying goodbye to haters past.

"I feel like the past seasons we've had a lot of darkness and heaviness, just nasty stuff," the 50-year-old said. "And I don't think that is necessary to have a great show. I don't see why any women would all need to tear each other down on a daily basis. So, all of those people, you can just figure out who they are yourself, all those people who are not currently here, that means there is a lot of negativity that has left the building, and we are too excited about it." 

She added, "This season is about a lot of sisterhood, a lot of support, and we do have a little drama that's happening as well. We are the Real Housewives of Atlanta, we couldn't have the show without drama!"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. For more honesty from Leakes, watch the video below!