‘RHOD’: Cary and Kameron Get Into It Over Literal Finger Pointing (Exclusive)

Cary Deuber points her finger at Kameron Westcott on 'The Real Housewives of Dallas.'

Don’t point your finger at Kameron Westcott.

No, really. Don’t point your finger at Kameron Westcott. That’s the lesson Cary Deuber learns in ET’s exclusive first look at Wednesday’s all-new The Real Housewives of Dallas. The one-time good pals sit down at a party that Brandi Redmond is hosting to hash out some lingering drama from the group’s recent trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado.

For a refresher, the ladies were all staying at Kameron’s family’s vacation home when Kameron and Stephanie Hollman had a misunderstanding over how the word “bash” was used. Kameron expressed being upset by Brandi keeping her in the dark that Brandi had adopted a baby boy, which Kameron partially blamed on Stephanie, who helped to keep Brandi’s secret. This all upset Brandi, who fled from the group’s chat in tears, kicking Stephanie into protective momma bear mode. Stephanie told Kameron, “We’re not going to bash her over a baby,” which Kameron misinterpreted as “We’re not going to bash a baby.”

Cary was caught in the middle of the crossfire, and now Kameron is calling her out for not being 100 percent Team Kameron, which doesn’t sit well with Cary. When Cary tries to address her issues with Kameron, things don’t go as planned… mostly because Cary is being expressive with her hands.

Watch below:

“Why are you pointing your finger at me right now?” Kameron asks. “You’re pointing your finger at me. You just said, ‘No, listen!’ So, I’m gonna listen. I just don’t like fingers. That’s all.”

“Getting into an argument with Kameron is literally one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you,” Cary laments in a confessional. “She can’t ever let anything go and she can badger, badger, badger, badger -- but no fingers!”

Cary offers a sarcastic finger way in her interview, and she struggles to take her gal-pal seriously back at the party scene.

“So, you honestly feel like I didn’t have your back and I had Stephanie’s back, and I basically am a liar?” she asks Kameron.

“No!” Kameron fires back. “You just put that word in your own mouth, honey. I never said that. Never. You just dug your own hole in that?”

This is where things take a strange turn, as Kameron has started pointing her finger at Cary! When Cary asks Kameron why it’s OK for her to point her finger and not Cary, Kameron says it’s because she’s pointing down and Cary was pointing up/at Kameron. Still, the women attempt to move forward with their discussion, which Cary invites Stephanie to be a part of, seeing as Kameron’s issue seems to be with both women.

“Do you have to get her involved?” Kameron pouts. “Cary, again, we can have this conversation in private, but we don’t need Stephanie involved because she’s not involved in the problem.”

“You got your posse involved!” she adds “This is between us.”

Kameron begins to walk away, leaving Stephanie confused about why she was called over in the first place.

“I have no idea why I’m here, I have no idea what they’re talking about,” she admits in a confessional. “All I know is, Kameron saw me and is even more pissed off and that is, like, the story of my life.”

Tune into The Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET to see what happens next.


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