'RHOD's LeeAnne Locken Says She's Ready for a Cast Shakeup (Exclusive)

The 'Real Housewives of Dallas' star also addresses the allegations of racism currently being leveled against her.

LeeAnne Locken is ready for a cast shakeup on The Real Housewives of Dallas.

"Yeah, I hope a real good shakeup," she exclaims to ET. "You know that tornado that came through my neighborhood? I hope it comes through the show, honey! We're still trying to recover."

Rumors started circulating that Bravo might overhaul the cast of RHOD in the last few weeks when casting flyers popped up online, seeking affluent women in the Dallas area. However, it is standard for the network and various production companies behind the Housewives cities to do casting after every season, and it doesn't mean anything will change. It's also worth noting that The Real Housewives of Dallas has not yet been renewed for a fifth season, at least not publicly. 

Bravo did make one casting switch between seasons three and four, though, replacing OG Dallas Housewife Cary Deuber with the similarly named Kary Brittingham. LeeAnne and the new Kary have butted heads all season long, including on the now-airing cast trip to Thailand, which has featured LeeAnne making remarks that some viewers and cast members have interpreted as racist toward Kary, who is Mexican.

"Everything I do in my life, anybody who knows me anywhere around the country -- from WeHo to Dallas -- knows that I believe in inclusion and equality, and I will fight and die for making that happen," LeeAnne tells ET, rebuffing the racist label. "I don't know how you can have that label and an 'ally' label. And I tell you what, I love my ally label and I'll never lose it."

ET spoke with LeeAnne at the DailyMail.com and DailyMailTV Holiday Party at Cathédrale in New York City on Wednesday, the day before she and her co-stars filmed their season four reunion.

"Oh, I have so many things to clear up," LeeAnne says of the reunion. "I don't think there's a No. 1 [thing] for me. I mean, that's what happens when you're, like, the, you know, the target sign … there's more than one. There's layers. So, like the bullseye, obviously, would be the label they're trying to give me, but there's still outer realms of my negativity, or this or that, and I have a lot of really great points I'm excited to make. And I really can't wait to make them."

In the spirit of the party, when asked what kind of gifts she likes to receive for the holidays, LeeAnne says, she's more of a giver -- and brought the conversation full circle to her "shakeup" comments.

"I think if I could give anyone anything, I would love to give maybe a few of my cast members a little more security," she quips.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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