'RHOD's Kary Brittingham Sounds Off on LeeAnne Locken (Exclusive)

'The Real Housewives of Dallas' star opens up about her inability to bond with the group's 'alpha,' whom she doesn't consider an alpha.

Kary Brittingham says she has LeeAnne Locken "all figured out."

"She loves to criticize, and likes to give s**t to a lot of people but, you know, when you do it to her, she plays the victim and, 'Oh my gosh!' She makes the biggest thing out of it," the Real Housewives of Dallas newbie tells ET. "When you do a little bit to her, she just makes this big scene and cries and, 'Oh my gosh, everybody is out to get me!'"

The pair didn't get off on the greatest foot, immediately butting heads on the cast's trip to Kary’s home in Mexico, where Kary felt like LeeAnne was "really negative" and "complaining about everything."

"She always just got under my skin," Kary remarks.

"When people are like that I just tend to just ignore them," she goes on to offer. "She was just very difficult to get to know. I feel like she just kind of had a wall up, actually, towards me and I think she kind of already had [it decided that] I wasn't gonna like her, which I think is very, very not accurate at all."

When LeeAnne sat down with ET in August, she said that it seemed as if Kary attempted to bond with every woman in the group but her. Kary says that's not the case.

"Every time I would meet with her, I would try to see what was going on and try to understand her and her whole relationship with D'Andra [Simmons], you know?" Kary offers. She was friendly with D'Andra, LeeAnne's ex-bestie, before joining RHOD.

"Every time I was around her, she would make it hard for me to open the door," she adds. "I mean, I kept trying to figure her out, and understand her and I know she would tell me about her struggles in life and her past."

LeeAnne told ET that she felt like Kary came in ready to attack her, as if Housewives is a battle of the alphas. But, LeeAnne said, she actually is an alpha, while Kary just thinks she's one.

"Well, I just don't think that alphas need to say they're alphas, they just act like alphas," Kary fires back. "You know, a lion doesn't have to say they're a lion, they just act like a lion."

RHOD fans will soon see some lion-like fighting between LeeAnne and Kary, as first teased in the season trailer. In one moment, LeeAnne screams at Kary, "I'm the b***h that she should tell it to! Not you, not you, not Brandi [Redmond]!"

Kary says that moment goes down at LeeAnne’s bachelorette party, which D'Andra was not invited to, a diss that was, apparently, confusing to the group.

"Her and D'Andra seemed to be OK." Kary notes. "I saw D'Andra really making an effort, getting along with LeeAnne. So, when D'Andra asked me if I was going to the bachelorette, I go, 'Yes, are you coming?' She said, 'No, I'm not going and she didn't invite me.' So, I kind of felt a little bit, honestly, weird because here, I'm friends with D'Andra, I just met LeeAnne, I'm invited but she's not? So, I was trying to figure out why was D'Andra not invited. So, I simply asked LeeAnne, 'Hey, why is D'Andra not here?' So, you know, LeeAnne, LeeAnne's form -- she gets in my face and screams about it, so I just listen to her."

Kary said she tried and tried with LeeAnne, even attending her wedding (though she notes it was because she had "nothing going on" that day), but ultimately gave up on making their relationship work on the all-cast trip to Thailand, which will play out late in the season. But, she's not ruling out a possible friendship in the future.

"I don't like to have enemies," she says. "It's just, like, negative, you know? Too much energy that I choose to put in positive people and friendships. I mean, I would like to be cordial with LeeAnne, but it's really up to her.”

Kary did, however, bond with Stephanie Hollman and Kameron Westcott. She admits she never thought Housewives would provide her with some of her closest friends in the world.

"I knew Cary [Deuber] and D'Andra [before the show], but I would say that my friendships with Stephanie and Kameron are way stronger than my friendship with Cary and D'Andra were ever before," she gushes. "It's almost like a little sorority."

It was actually Cary Deuber, who was a cast member on the series' first three seasons, who connected Kary with the women. Kary admits it was bittersweet to learn she was joining the group as Cary was taking a step back.

"I was like, what?!" she recalls. "That was definitely tough for our friendship because I know Cary didn't think it was my fault. But still, she went through some tough times with that. But we're in a good place now."

Cary returns as a "friend of" on the show starting with Wednesday night’s episode, which features LeeAnne’s lingerie shower… meaning all the women are out in public in lingerie in the middle of the day. Kary promises there are many more "unexpected" moments like that still to come on season four.

"There's a lot of, like, friendships that kind of shift around and then just things that, you know, happen that... yeah, I didn't see coming," she teases, adding that fans should be "excited but nervous" for the remaining episodes.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.