Who Is 'RHOD's Kary Brittingham? What to Know About LeeAnne Locken's Feisty New Frenemy

LeeAnne Locken and Kameron Westcott break down what 'Real Housewives of Dallas' fans need to know about the new Housewife.

There’s a new Kary in town.

Kary Brittingham joins Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas for season four, replacing Cary Deuber as a main cast member. The 49-year-old is the first Mexican woman to join the cast of RHOD and describes herself as a "feisty female" who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Kary first moved to the states as a teenager, relocating to Dallas for college at Southern Methodist University when she was 19.

Kary has been married to her second husband, entrepreneur Eduardo Brittingham, for a decade, and from the sound of it, some relationship growing pains will be on full display this season.

"Me and Eduardo both have been married before, and we both have gone through divorces," Kary proclaims in the season premiere. "We met through a mutual friend, we’ve been married almost 10 years. When we started dating, we had crazy chemistry. We would go to a bar and we would be having sex in the bathroom! But after 10 years, sexy time is not the same and keeping a marriage fresh is just… a lot."

The couple shares one daughter, 12-year-old Isabella, and Kary has three children from her previous marriage: daughters Olivia and Sofia, and son Alex.

A pal (and Highland Park neighbor!) of D'Andra Simmons, it’s no surprise that Kary doesn’t exactly mesh with LeeAnne Locken right away… or at all. ET spoke with both LeeAnne and co-star Kameron Westcott ahead of the premiere to learn everything viewers need to know about Kary going into the premiere.

"I think Bravo describes her well," LeeAnne says, sarcastically. "She's originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, she has a very thick accent and she likes her tequila."

For what it’s worth, Kary has a sense of humor about that accent. In the premiere, she jokes that she’s totally lost it over the years.

"Kary is the life of the party, complete life of the party," Kameron says. "She makes everything super fun! And she really, I feel like, has fit really well with the group. It’s been so amazing having a new lady in our group because it has changed the dynamic with everyone. And I feel like you're gonna see a lot of drama, because you really see new colors of other people, just because they're reacting to having a new person in our group."

"You're gonna see people up her a**, you're gonna see people starting drama with the new girl," she continues. "I mean, it's a lot of fun."

Get a first look at Kary in action on the show here:

Now, it’s unclear if LeeAnne starts drama with Kary, or if it goes the opposite direction… or both ways. LeeAnne did confirm to ET that Kary’s big moment from the season four trailer, in which she ominously proclaims, "She likes to give s**t, but she cannot f**king take it. I’m sick of people like that," is about LeeAnne.

"Really?" LeeAnne asks. "What do you think I've been doing for the last three years, sweetheart? Maybe you should turn a TV on before you join a show. I think I've been taking it, have I not? Without KY."

"The thing is, she connects with everyone in the group except me," LeeAnne says of Kary. "When you purposely don't connect with one person, but you try so hard to connect with everyone else, to me, it's just, like, come on! I mean, come on."

LeeAnne seems to think that Kary’s behavior was pointed, while Kameron’s not so sure.

"I've been giving her lots of advice," Kameron, a onetime newbie herself, shares. "She has such a voice, and she definitely takes, you know -- she doesn't need anything from anyone. If she has an issue, she will tell you and I actually love that! Because then I can kind of predict what she's gonna do. I don't have to worry about the aftermath."

"I'm shocked by how good she's adapted," she adds. "I feel like her being the newbie, she just surprised me. I mean, she's been amazing in our group and everyone has pretty much loved her. I mean, there's some individuals that aren’t a fan but, you know, you'll find out soon."

"Sometimes, when you're new, you think you gotta come in and beat your chest," LeeAnne teases. "You know, show the old lioness that the new lioness can do things better. The problem is the old lioness has a lot of kills under her belt."

"She believes she's an alpha, and we all know I am," she says. "And so, in her mind, I think it was, come in and take the old alpha out and show me how to do things the right way, the best way, her way. And, you know, I'm just not big on doing things other people's way."

It seems safe to assume that Kary sparks her fair share of drama this year. And, like any good Housewife, she’s launching a business in time with joining the show, a jewelry line called KAMO.

As for the other Cary, Cary Deuber, she’ll still be around this season, just in a "friend of" role and "at every party," according to LeeAnne. Also, it’s worth noting that Kary and Cary are longtime friends.

"I miss her!" LeeAnne admits. "I know she’s busy, and I respect that she's got other things to do -- and I don’t have children, so I don’t know what that’s like, plus I don’t have a full-time business, you know, but I miss her."

"I think Cary, this is the first year where Cary really found her voice and was really using it," she continues. "And I think it’s sad that I won't have that voice to interject in a group setting, you know? I think it's great to have another perspective. I love the idea of having six or seven different perspectives. That’s important to me."

Yes, LeeAnne is holding out hope that Cary will return to full-time status come a likely season five, saying that she prefers Cs over Ks, anyway.

"Yeah, I do Cs," she jokes. "You know, I'm just a C to begin with!"

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, starting with the season premiere on Sept. 4.