'RHOD's Kameron Westcott Breaks Down Her Napkin-Throwing Moment and Other Season 4 Fights (Exclusive)

The 'Real Housewives of Dallas' star returns for season four, and teases ET with all her dramatic moments to come.

Kameron Westcott said it best in her tagline: “Just because I look like Barbie doesn’t mean you can play me."

"I've learned a lot from the past two seasons," the Real Housewives of Dallas star tells ET about approaching season four, her third on the Bravo hit.

"This season, I'm kind of, like, I'm all in, you know?" she says. "I'm like, I'm gonna call out your shadiness, I'm gonna be honest, because I also realized, you know, life is so short and I wanna have relationships with certain women that build me up."

Yes, Kameron uses the term "certain women," which implies not all of her co-stars. She says she, basically, has drama with everyone this year, as first teased in the season trailer. Usually a bit of a "Miss Manners," Kameron throws a napkin in castmate Brandi Redmond’s face at some point this season.

"It's just, like, so bad!" Kameron admits. "I've never thrown a napkin in my life, OK? I am mortified! I am mortified. But when someone says, 'Eff you!' over the table, and her finger is coming at you, you just go in defense mode. And my heart was, like, pounding and I was just, like, where is this coming from? And I knew I had to get myself out of that situation, and the first thing was, like, my napkin -- I have to remove my napkin and I was like, 'Aaaah!'"

"I was sitting across the table going, 'S**t, the place is gonna burn down!'" co-star LeeAnne Locken recalls. "'How do I get out?' I mean, I was like 'OK, Kam! OK, Kam!' Yeah, no, Kam grew, like, not taller just like…" LeeAnne trails off and makes a growling noise, as if to say Kameron became a bit of a "beast" this year.

Kameron says she's already talked to her daughter, Hilton, about the moment in a teachable way. Hilton, apparently, is a fan of the show and told Kameron, "Why did you do that, Mom? That is not OK!" But, Kameron is happy to share that she and Brandi were able to quickly move past the napkin moment.

"What I love about Brandi is, we're like yin and yang, OK?” she notes. “She thinks one thing, I think one thing, and we’re always going back and forth. But, what I love about her is, we work it out and we talk it out. We have an issue, we move on and I don't hold grudges against her because we're really open and honest to each other, and when we're upset, we tell each other. So, I think we're in a good place. But, we definitely have major drama in the show -- that's for sure!”

The same maybe can’t be said for Brandi's BFF, Stephanie Hollman. In the season teaser, Stephanie tells Kameron, "Sometimes you make me feel like I am not good enough."

"Obviously, Stephanie is a great girl and I think sometimes she's a little more neutral in certain situations," Kameron says, teasing what leads to that moment. "So, for me, I get a little uneasy because I don’t always know that she has this opinion in this situation until later and I'm just like, 'Why didn't you say anything?' You know? So, sometimes I feel like I get a little confused with what she’s feeling. We have to work on our relationship a little more, because of that."

Kameron says she and Stephanie simply have "different modes of communication," so it takes work to understand one another. Communication seems to be a theme for Kameron this year, as LeeAnne tells ET that she feels like Kam has “found her voice” within the group.

"Kam has definitely found her individual strength, that she's always had -- and I've always said she's had," LeeAnne shares. "People have always said, 'Kam is LeeAnne's puppet.' Let me tell you something, first of all, I need a stepladder to get up to Kam's ear to whisper in it, so, you know, Kam has never been my puppet. I've never expected Kam to defend me, she's often corrected me when I was wrong."

"I have a voice, I've been very clear with my voice," Kameron says, making note of the moment in the trailer where she tells LeeAnne, "I'm not afraid of you, and if anyone should be afraid, you should be afraid of me."

"I am so sick and tired of people being like, 'You're just LeeAnne's pet, you're just her pushover, you're just afraid of her...'" Kameron says. "I'm like, I'm sorry. I am no one’s pet, I am definitely not a pushover."

"I am not gonna let these people keep thinking this, this is insane!" she continues. "I just wanted LeeAnne to know, of course, that, like, I have my own opinion and she's always known that."

To start the season, Kameron is "Team LeeAnne" when it comes to her pal’s frenemy feud with D’Andra Simmons. But, Kameron hints things may unfold unexpectedly for viewers.

"I am always loyal to my friends," she says. "That's just the kind of person I am. I always have their back, if they're correct in the situation, and if they're wrong I'll say -- I'll call you out and be like, 'That wasn't cool.' I'll call you out. But D'Andra and I's relationship actually goes in a positive direction, so yeah, we're in a positive place right now."

Now, Kameron and LeeAnne are still seemingly close, but Kameron is also close with RHOD newcomer Kary Brittingham, whom LeeAnne told ET she, basically, can’t stand.

"Kary is the life of the party," Kameron gushes. "Complete life of the party. She makes everything super fun! And she really, I feel like, has fit really well with the group."

"It’s been so amazing having a new lady in our group because it has changed the dynamic with everyone," she adds. "You're gonna see a lot of drama, because you really see colors of other people, you know, just because they're reacting to having a new person in our group. So, it's like you're gonna see people up her a**, you're gonna see -- I shouldn't say bad words -- bleep that one! You're gonna see people starting drama with the new girl. I mean, it's a lot of fun. You see a lot of new colors from other people because of the new lady in our group."

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.