Ricky Martin Addresses Anti-LGBTQ Comments in Powerful Message About Love and Inclusivity

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Ricky Martin is addressing the anti-LGBTQ comments he recently received in a powerful message.

The singer posted a photo of himself against a black backdrop, wearing long acrylic nails on Monday. Expressing his "most vulnerable side," Martin wrote that he did not expect the hurtful comments he received last week after posting photos of him with his husband, Jwan Yosef.

"A week ago, I uploaded some photos with my husband for a special edition of the magazine @ cap74024. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and a way to celebrate our pride," Martin, 49, wrote in Spanish. "What I did not expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years, is that a large number of people decided to stop following us or comment in a derogatory way."

Martin, who came out as gay in 2010, added that it's not about the number of followers, but feeling the same way that he had many years ago "before sharing publicly about my sexual orientation. That same fear that paralyzed me, tormented me and would not let me be."

"Today I see the photos and what I feel is a full peace of being able to celebrate my family as they deserve, in style. To celebrate me as I am, regardless of what they will say," he expressed. "And that fear that I just talked about no longer paralyzes me. On the contrary, it gives me much more strength and pushes me to continue working for the well-being of millions of people who suffer every day due to lack of acceptance."

Martin wrote that what he most hopes for in life "is that we can all feel free, proud of ourselves, happy, loved, respected and accepted. That we can express ourselves how we are born without retaliation or being punished."

"It is not fair to continue losing valuable lives due to prejudice and lack of education," he stated, before sending a message "to all those who feel lost or not valued for being who they are and want to be."

"They are not alone, there is a great community that awaits them with open arms. They are worth a lot, please do not forget. #pride #pridemonth #loveislove," he concluded.

Martin and Yosef have been married since 2017. The couple are parents to three sons, twins Valentino, 12, Matteo, 12, and Renn, 1, and daughter Lucia, 2.

Earlier this month the two posted black-and-white snaps from their photoshoot with the publication.

When ET spoke with Martin in December, he revealed that he's open to expanding his family.

"Some people think I'm crazy but I love a big family and I have a couple of embryos waiting for me," he said at the time. "I don't know. That's all I got to say. Jwan is going crazy at the moment, but it's OK, don't tell him."

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