'Riverdale' Boss Uncovers the Mystery of Ben -- The Character Everyone Should Be Talking About! (Exclusive)

Riverdale Ben
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Who is Ben?!

Who is Ben?!

That's the question that should be on every Riverdale fan's mind right now – and it's definitely on ours!

Over the past season and a half, the mysterious character known as "Ben," who is played by actor Moses Thiessen, has briefly popped up in three different episodes of the hit CW drama, and he has been tied to some of the shadiest scenarios in the series' history.

Most recently, Ben was seen on last week's episode leaving the Cooper household after an extremely curious "job interview" with Chic, but the mysterious blonde babe was also spotted in Riverdale's season two premiere as Miss Grundy's latest boy toy. This means Ben was also the last person who saw the music teacher alive before she was viciously murdered by the Black Hood!

As for Ben's Rivedale debut? We first met him way back in season one, episode four while he was working at the concession stand at the Twilight Drive-In. He had the unfortunate, yet forgettable task of telling a junk food-craving Kevin that they were "out of dogs."

So just who is this character and why does he keep reappearing? We decided it was time to channel our Betty Cooper detective skills and get some answers!

On this week's preview episode of Sweetwater Secrets – ET's Riverdale-centric YouTube franchise – we caught up with the CW drama's executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and he gave us the exclusive scoop on why Ben keeps popping up around town.

"I can tell you that he is going to continue popping up," the showrunner teased to ET on Tuesday morning at The CW offices. "We feel like every time he pops up, he's an Easter egg for people because some people notice him and some people don’t."

Aguirre-Sacasa added, "There is a resonance as to why he keeps popping up, but stay tuned. There will be more sightings."

What kind of secrets do you think Ben is hiding? Press play on Sweetwater Secrets above to find out more information and then share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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