'Riverdale' Debuts First Footage of Season 3 at Comic-Con -- Watch!

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Our first look at season three of Riverdale is officially here -- and things may be looking up for Archie Andrews. 

The CW hit debuted its first tease for season three during its panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday. The lucky crowd in Hall H was treated to the very first footage of the brand new season, which picks up slightly after the events of the season two finale. 

Things left off in season two with (one of) the Black Hood(s) being arrested -- bye, Hal Cooper! -- Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) seemingly joining the Southside Serpents, and, oh yeah, Hiram (Mark Consuelos) framing Archie (K.J. Apa) for murder, leading the redhead stud to be arrested in front of the entire school. 

But what happens next? We're not so sure. The tease shows a free Archie (no jail time?) and the gang heading into junior year -- and we want to know exactly what they did last summer!

"After the worst summer ever, I want us to have a normal Labor Day weekend," Archie tells Betty, Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) back at Pop's in the clip... though something tells us it might not be that easy.

Watch below. 

At Sunday's Comic-Con panel, Apa confirmed that Achie's arrest has understandably caused some tension between him and Veronica, while Reinhart teased a "rock solid" Bughead -- so solid, in fact, that Betty's now a "Serpent queen." 

"[She's] the Serpent queen, so at the start of the season, you see her own that title. She's there. She's doing it," Reinhart said, as her on-screen mom, Madchen Amick, added that the new Alice would advise Betty on where to put her Serpent tattoo.

And things between Falice may be getting a little complicated, as Jughead's mom and sister, Jellybean, are set to make their Riverdale return around the eighth or ninth episode of the upcoming season. We'll also get some backstory into those relationships with a flashback episode features the show's parents as students (the main cast will be playing themselves at a younger age) at Riverdale High. 

The show's cast teased more of what's in store for our favorite Riverdale residents while sitting down with ET at Comic-Con on Saturday. 

"We start off, Archie is on trial for the murder of Cassidy Bullock," Apa revealed of his character. "He's innocent, but you never know what can happen in Riverdale. That's the great thing about our show. So, we'll see what happens."

Reinhart and Sprouse, meanwhile, promised that after ups and downs in season two, Betty and Jughead are headed for some "consistency." 

"Actually, it's looking like it's going to be pretty good for Bughead this season so far," Sprouse shared. "[It's] pretty constant, pretty nice."

Reinhart chimed in: "We're two episodes in, so we don’t know how things are going to pan out."

"They haven't broken up yet," her on-screen beau added.

See more on what to expect from season three of Riverdale in the video below. The show returns this October on The CW. 

Reporting by Philiana Ng. 


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