'Riverdale' Star Hart Denton Dishes on Chic's 'Psychopath' Lies & If He's Really Gone for Good! (Exclusive)

Riverdale Chic and Alice
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WARNING: If you have not watched this week's episode of 'Riverdale,' run out of here right away – but be careful of the Black Hood catching you!

WARNING: If you have not watched this week's episode of Riverdale, run out of here right away – but be careful of the Black Hood catching you! For everyone else, let's discuss the episode's biggest Cooper family bombshell...

Chic has been lying this entire time!

ET was the first to warn you of some seriously shady things going down with Chic in tonight's all-new episode of Riverdale, but we were absolutely shocked to learn these three jaw-dropping revelations...

1. Alice revealed that F.P. is, in fact, the father of her long lost son, Charles Smith.

2. Chic is not Charles Smith. Turns out he used to live with Charles and when Betty and Alice came to the hostel looking for him, Chic assumed his identity. 

3. Chic killed Charles Smith. Apparently years ago, Chic got into a fight with Charles, lost control and killed his roommate, so now poor Alice and F.P. will never have the chance to reconnect with their real long lost son.

Are you completely freaking out right now? Us too! So we called up actor Hart Denton, to get the exclusive scoop on this ultra-shady behavior, that Black Hood bombshell and if Chic is really gone for good.

ET: We at ET have been theorizing from the beginning that F.P. was the father of Alice's child, but we definitely did not imagine that the twist would be that Chic has been lying about his identity! When did you discover that Chic was not Charles Smith?

Hart Denton: When I received the script a few days before we shot the episode.

Really? So Riverdale's showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, didn't give you a heads up beforehand?

No heads up.

You naturally look like such a cross between Mädchen Amick and Skeet Ulrich, so what was your reaction when you read the script and learned that Chic was lying?

Well, there were two different emotions: one, I appreciated the drama of it. I think it's amazing to not go in the path of what a lot of people think could be the situation. I think it's nice to throw curveballs and it keeps the fans on their toes, so that it doesn’t become a predictable show or situation. I like that aspect to it. But on the other hand, I was very excited to play that [possible] dynamic of Alice and F.P.'s son. I had started piecing that together and thinking about it and a lot of fans tagged me in pictures where they had combined Mädchen and Skeet's face and it looks like very, very similar to mine.

I really thought that it would be amazing to go that route, but then they changed it up. I mean, I think it's great for Alice and F.P. because I think that anytime they're on screen, they're so captivating. I love that they are giving fans that aspect, but as for me not being the one that is their child, I was a little bit disappointed by it. But you just never know with Riverdale – you never know what path they're going to take with that in upcoming episodes and whatnot, so I'm still here. I'm waiting to see, just like you guys are, where they go with it and what they do with it.

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Even though you're no longer related on the show, you and Lili [Reinhart] have become such great friends in real life. What was it like for you guys to film those scenes where she's slapping you in the face and grabbing you by the throat? Were there any on-set mishaps?

Well, Lili and I – our whole relationship was formed around humor with one another. We have very, very similar humor, so we joke and we laugh a lot on set and in between intense scenes. That's what keeps it so fun. We'll laugh, we'll joke, we'll have a really good time and then, boom — we’re in it. We'll go right into those intense moments and she's such a good actress that it's amazing to snap right into it and just follow her lead. She's incredible with driving a scene and she's almost like a robot. [Laughs] She never messes up, which is incredible! She's just always on point, so it's very easy to slip right back into the seriousness of the scene by following her lead.

There were no mishaps, but there were some times where we would laugh after the fact because a slap was too much or too hard. [Laughs] Just like, "Oh my god, what's wrong with you?!" but we had a really good time with it and she's just incredible when it comes to leading a scene and taking it to the level that it needs to go to.

We see at the end of the episode that Betty is finally putting together the Black Hood pieces and that it could be Hal Cooper under the mask. What was your reaction when you read that in the script?

I was right there with Betty, like with her thinking in it and with the pieces of it. Reading the script I was like, "Aw, man!" Like throughout the script I was just like, "Oh my gosh. Why is my character such a psychopath?" Like Hart wanted to be able to have a conversation with Chic and be like, "Snap out of it!" and as I read the part when [Betty] is piecing together Hal being the Black Hood situation, I was like, "Oh this is interesting. This is cool. I like how these pieces are falling into line." So as long as I'm not the Black Hood, there's room for redemption, so I'm OK.

When we last saw Chic in this episode, he was running for his life – literally – from the Black Hood. Are we going to see Chic again before season two ends?

You'll just have to wait and see.

What do you think, Riverbabes? Do you think Hart Denton should have had more of a heads up about Chic's deceitful ways? Is Chic gone for good? Share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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