Robbie Amell Dishes on 'True Jackson VP' Reboot Rumors (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actor to find out the status of these reunion rumors and to chat about his new Amazon comedy, 'Upload.'

Robbie Amell is all in for a True Jackson, VP reunion!

ET's Leanne Aguilera video chatted with the 32-year-old actor this week, where he reacted to the rumors that the Nickelodeon series was coming back. Keke Palmer, who starred as True Jackson, posted a TikTok on Tuesday showing herself dancing along to the show's catchy theme song, while claiming that the series had gotten the greenlight for a revival.

"I was learning about it as people online were learning about it," Amell revealed. "And then me and Keke and Ashley [Argota] and Matt [Shively] were all kind of texting back and forth, like, 'This would be really fun. This would be awesome.' So I don't know if there’s any real truth to it right now…But I would definitely jump back in. I love that show and, you know, it was one of my first real jobs in L.A."
Amell played Jimmy Madigan, True's love interest on the show. He also revealed that he's thought about where his character would be now, and if Jimmy and True would still be together.

"I started thinking about it a little bit," he said. "Jimmy was always a little bit of a mess. I feel like things aren’t probably going to be stellar for him but, with that being said, maybe it’s the opposite. You know, maybe things are just really great for Jimmy now. I feel like he’s the type of guy who would, like, accidentally win the lottery or something."

"And I feel like you either go one of two ways, either [Jimmy and True are] still together or they find each other again in the show, which I think either one would kind of be interesting and cool," he added. "But I think there has to be that romance there still because it wasn’t over on the show."

While there doesn't seem to be a revival coming anytime soon, Amell does star in the upcoming Amazon comedy, Upload. The show follows the actor as Nathan, a man who is able to choose his own afterlife after his untimely death. Upload, Amell expressed, will be a nice little escape for people amid quarantining.

"I think it will give people a laugh. I think people will smile along the whole time. I think the show is very charming," he shared. "But I also think that it asks some interesting questions without being preachy or shoving it down your throat. I think [creator] Greg [Daniels] does such a great job of riding that line. I mean, if you need no other reason to watch, Greg Daniels created Parks and Recreation and The Office. He’s got the track record. We had a lot of fun shooting the show and I think people will really enjoy it."

Upload premieres on Amazon Prime on May 1.



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