Robert De Niro Says He'd Play Andrew Cuomo in a Movie About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Robert De Niro, Andrew Cuomo
Samir Hussein/WireImage / John Lamparski/NurPhoto via Getty Images

'He's doing what a president should do,' De Niro said of the NYC governor.

Bobby D as Gov. Cuomo?

This may be the very definition of too soon, but during an appearance on The Late Show this week, Robert De Niro seemingly took to Stephen Colbert's suggestion that he portray New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a movie about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"I guess I'll play Cuomo," De Niro agreed. "He's doing what a president should do."

If not a movie, perhaps a cameo on this weekend's Saturday Night Live season finale. After all, when Dr. Anthony Fauci (of the White House Coronavirus Task Force) revealed he'd want Brad Pitt to play him, SNL made it happen.

Cuomo has become one of the faces of the fight against COVID-19 in NYC, even as his brother, CNN's Chris Cuomo, tested positive and Andrew "worried every day" that he could die. Now, De Niro has nothing but praise for the governor, even saying he could envision a President Cuomo.

"Though I'm for [Joe] Biden and I want everything to go well with Biden. But at least we have a person who is a very capable back-up... If something would change -- which God forbid nothing will change -- he's doing a great job," said De Niro. Then, doubling down, he added, "He's doing what any president should do."