Robert Irwin Talks Dad Steve Irwin’s Motorbike in Touching Video on Late Conservationist’s Birthday

The Irwin family all shared their own tributes to Steve Irwin.

Robert Irwin is using the birthday of his late father, Steve Irwin, to share a personal and touching story about how he still connects with the late conservationist. 

Thursday marks Steve's birthday, and in a tribute, his 20-year-old son shared the story of Steve's Honda 100 motorbike in a sweet video on Instagram. 

Noting that the ride was Steve's "main mode of transportation around Australia Zoo," Robert shared throwback footage of the late Crocodile Hunter riding around the zoo where Robert still works with his older sister, Bindi Irwin, and other family members. 

"For me and my sister every morning we'd get on, hold onto the handlebars, Dad would take us around on the morning park checks, and we'd get ice cream," Robert recalled. "Some of my fondest and earliest memories were on that bike."

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After Steve's tragic death in 2006, Robert shared that the bike stayed put in a garage for years, but now he rides it. 

"Now it's my job to get the motorbike started in the morning and do the same park checks around Australia Zoo," Robert said. "Every time I start that thing, it brings back so many memories and I absolutely love it."

As for how he maintains the bike, Robert added, "I take good care of it, but I still take it off road every opportunity that I get. I reckon Dad would have wanted that." 

Noting that it means a lot for him to continue his father's legacy, Robert shared that just like his dad, guests to the Australia Zoo can now hear him before they see him thanks to the bike. 

"It’s a meaningful day to share this special story… on Dad’s birthday. It makes me so proud that his legacy lives on," Robert captioned the clip. 

Robert wasn't the only Irwin family member to honor Steve on his birthday. Bindi also shared a series of photos, writing, "Happy Birthday, Dad. Your legacy will live on forever."

And Robert's wife, Terri Irwin, posted a video of her late husband, writing, "Happy Birthday! Missing my Action Man. ❤️."

ET recently spoke with the Irwin family to discuss keeping Steve's legacy alive. Bindi shared that her nearly 3-year-old daughter, Grace Warrior, whom she shares with her husband, Chandler Powell, refers to Steve as "Grandpa Crocodile." 


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