Robin Williams' 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Co-Stars Say He Was 'Very Open and Honest' About His Struggles

Robin Williams
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The cast of the classic film are reuniting to remember working with the beloved comedian.

One of Robin Williams’ most cherished films, Mrs. Doubtfire, just turned 25 years old and the movie's cast recently got together on the Today show to remember the experience — and, of course, Williams.

Among those assembled were Pierce Brosnan, Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakub and Matthew Lawrence, who happily shared details about making the classic film, including how the late leading man embraced his struggles with addiction.

“One of the most powerful things for me about working with him is that he was very open and honest with me talking about his issues with addiction and depression,” said Jakub, who played eldest daughter Lydia. “That was so powerful to me at 14. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life.”

Lawrence, who portrayed son Chris in the film, shared that Williams even imparted some advice to the then-child star.

“Robin was like a guiding source,” he explained. “He would just all of a sudden, out of the blue look over and be like, ‘Don’t do drugs. They really messed up my brain, I’m serious. Do not do them.’ That stuck with me.”

The reunited co-stars also remembered the late actor’s brilliant improvisational abilities while making the film.

“It’d be like, ‘OK, take 25!'” said Wilson, who played daughter Natalie. “And Robin would be different every time.”

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Brosnan, whose career flourished after appearing in the family comedy, remembers that the film helped him through a financially lean time.

“It kept me employed, I managed to pay the mortgage and look after my children,” he playfully offered. “But it’s really ingrained in my heart because the nature of the story, which is very empowering for young men and women or families that are divorced. I think it’s a very healing film in many ways.”

Williams died by suicide in 2014 while battling Lewy body dementia, a disease which affected his memory, speech and movement.

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