Roger Mathews Proposes a 'Truce' to Jenni 'JWoww' Farley: 'We Look Like A**holes to the World'

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Roger Mathews is once again speaking out. 

Jenni "JWoww" Farley's estranged husband shared a lengthy message to his website early Saturday morning, defending himself against claims of abuse. 

Earlier this week, Farley -- who shares two kids with Mathews: Meilani and Greyson -- called Mathews an "abuser to the core" in a letter posted to her own website. She also shared disturbing videos, including one of an apparent fight between her and Mathews, which ends with Mathews seemingly pushing her to the ground while in their kitchen. The former couple has since gone back and forth with claims about each other, but in Mathews' post on Saturday, he proposed a "truce."

"You painted me as a woman beater. The facts are these," he said. "No one, man or woman, husband or wife has the right to put their hands on each other. I take responsibility for that night in question, and one other night that I can think of that, I pushed you. You edited out your actions and violent behavior prior to me pushing you which I knew you would do."

"I wonder why in the eight years together you never once, not once said to me or ANYONE for that matter that I was physically abusive with you in any way," Mathews continued. "You have punched me in the face you have always been the aggressor...You are always the aggressor. I want to say right here, and right now that did not give me the right to push you, and for that I am sorry, and I apologized at the time too."

Mathews continued, telling his side of the story of the event that led to Farley's temporary restraining order against him last year. He wrote about several other fights that he and Farley had over the last few months, and also said that he disagrees with Farley's claim that their son, Greyson, is autistic. The Jersey Shore star shared Greyson's diagnosis in November, and has continued to share updates on his therapy with fans. 

"As far as our son goes, we differ on his diagnosis, yes," Mathews wrote on Saturday. "Many people, some of which I cannot name for they are in fear of retaliation from you, do not believe he is autistic. That includes some of HIS VERY OWN THERAPISTS. He is an amazing little boy and so high functioning."

Mathews -- who on Thursday shared copies of what he claimed were documents from his and Farley's divorce case -- also slammed Farley's request for child support on Saturday, alleging that she makes "millions of dollars a year." The father of two concluded his letter, however, by proposing that he and Farley put their differences aside the sake of their children. 

"I am not a monster. We’ve both embarrassed ourselves out of anger. Let’s stop the madness. Let’s stop the anger. Let’s stop the lies. Let’s work together for our children," he said. 

"We look like a**holes to the world. We are. We are both a**holes," Mathews concluded. "A part of me will always love you. I had to clear my name. I can help you clear yours too... I want you to be happy and I deserve to be happy as well. Happy parents make for happy kids. We owe them this. I be willing to give you a hug at the end of the day today as a truce offering."

In an exclusive statement to ET on Friday, Farley's team said that Mathews' accusations, which he laid out in the documents he shared on Thursday, "lack merit, foundation and basis." 

"They are laced with false statements and voluminous efforts to further intimidate and bully a young mother: a survivor of domestic abuse," the statement read. "Moreover, they are a transparent and desperate ploy to deflect away from the hard, cold facts, none of which appear to have been responded to."

"The bottom line is that when a parent acts to protect the safety and well-being of their children, they are following through with their responsibility," the statement continued. "It is this responsibility that Jenni Farley is focused on: working tirelessly to support these beautiful children and to set up a positive coparenting plan with their father that works for the benefit of Meilani and Greyson."

See more on the pair's drama in the video below. 


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