'RuPaul's Drag Race': Ariel Versace on Her 'Bump Ride' and Wanting to 'Turn Up' With Fans (Exclusive)

ET has a full recap of "Monster Ball" with guest judges Cara Delevingne and Elvira. Plus, we chat with the eliminated queen.

Warning! Spoilers below for this week's all-new episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race." If you haven't watched yet, fix that, then come back and read for more from this week's eliminated queen!

Things got spooky on this week's all new episode of RuPaul's Drag Race -- leading to a terrifying lip sync moment for one queen.

After bidding farewell to last week's eliminated queen, Mercedes Iman Diamond, the contestants gathered in the Werk Room, where talk quickly turned to the budding romance between Miss Vanjie and Brooke Lynn Hytes, aka "Branjie."

While Brooke Lynn admitted that the pair were "crushing" on each other, they were both adamant that their connection wouldn't distract them from the ultimate goal of the competition. "I wanna make it crystal clear that ain’t no boy gonna come between me and the crown," Vanjie insisted. "I’m focused."

All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel was on-hand for this week's mini-challenge, in which the queens were tasked with "dolling" themselves up to become a character that could be BFF's with RuPaul's new Integrity Toys plaything. Trixie's wise words of advice: "You want to be nice to everybody, because you never know when it’s going to come down to a jury vote!"

Ra'Jah O'Hara won the mini-challenge, but there wasn't time to celebrate, as it was time to dive right into the maxi: a Halloween-themed Monster Ball that called for looks in three categories: Trampy Trick or Treater, Witch Please!, and MILF Eleganza (aka Monster I’d Like to Freak).

Guest judges Cara Delevingne and Elvira joined the panel for the epic parade of spooky struts, and Brooke Lynn ended up taking home her second design challenge, stunning in an "en pointe" mummy look, an Enchantress-inspired witch ensemble (which garnered bonus points from Delevingne, who played the character in Suicide Squad) and a serpent-swathed Black Widow MILF.

As for the candy corn of this week's competition, Ariel Versace and Shuga Cain ended up at the bottom of the trick or treat buckets; Ariel for sticking to her signature styles and her inability to spook the judges enough with her mermaid MILF, and Shuga for a couple inscrutable ensembles that were just too complicated for the judges to understand.

The two ended up lip-syncing for their lives to Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight," and while Ariel took a terrifying tumble during her performance, it was neck and bloody neck until the very end.

And the fifth queen to sashay away from season 11 was...

While Ariel recovered from her fall, she didn't survive the week and the New Jersey queen was sent back to the Werk Room to pack her sky-high wigs and head on home. ET's Brice Sander spoke to the contestants ahead of season 11, where Ariel said she was all about bringing her "positive energy" to the runway.

ET: If you have to sum up your Drag Race experience in a couple of words, what would you say?

I would say: It was a bumpy ride, it was a smooth ride, but it was the ride of my life.

I feel like you maybe rehearsed that.

No. [Laughs]

You're just that quick!

She's such a smooth talker, I don't know!

When the season is said and done, what do you want the fans to walk away thinking of you?

I just hope that they think I'm, like, relatable, because I just like to put forth a positive energy. I like to have fun. I always say that if you're not having fun in drag, why are you doing it? It's always super important to always be professional but have fun. I just want the fans to really enjoy the looks, the personality, because once I start traveling around, I just want to make friends with everyone, have a little party. She's just a Jersey girl. She's ready to turn up.

Speaking of friends, did you make friends for life out of this cast?

I had only known her little bit prior to the show, but me and Soju are now so close now. She's one of my closest friends. We talk on the phone, like, literally every day. She's so awesome. And I think that was a really rewarding experience to come out of the show, to have somebody that went through the same thing as you. I don't know, we're so close, we shared so many of the things. Stan Soju. And me, bitch! More importantly, me.

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