Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Continue Their Hilarious Feud With Fake Political Ads

Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The two actors trolled each other on social media on Friday.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman can't help themselves when it comes to trolling each other.

On Friday, the Deadpool star took to social media to post a fake political ad, "paid for by not Ryan Reynolds," where he simply asked one question: "How well do you really know @RealHughJackman?"

The faux commercial, which was used to promote Jackman's upcoming political biopic, The Frontrunner, reveals "facts" about the Australia native, such as how he's using a "fake name," is a "fake foreigner" and "walked off the job on Wolverine, adding to unemployment."

"Think before you vote, but definitely see The Frontrunner," Reynolds signs off.

A couple hours after Reynolds shared his video online, Jackman took the "high road" and uploaded his own hilarious clip. In the Greatest Showman star's response, he is seen walking his dog and picking up his feces, which happened to be on top of a photo of Reynolds as Deadpool.  

This isn't the first time that the two have taken their bromance public. In May, Reynolds turned up to Jackman’s New York coffee shop, while the Wolverine actor was hiring.

“We put out word that @laughingmancoffee is looking for a new barista ... and, @vancityreynolds shows up? #makeeverycupcount,” Jackman captioned a photo of the two stars with café staff.

Reynolds then shared a snap of him posing with his arm around Jackman inside the store.

“Ran into this guy at his coffee shop, @laughingmancoffee,” he wrote. “And by ‘ran into’ I mean I followed him there.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively, didn't seem too thrilled about the pair's online love fest, jokingly commenting, "Is the extra distance between you supposed to convince me that you DON’T love him more than me?? Nice try."

See more of Reynolds and Lively's hilarious back-and-forths in the video below.