Ryan Reynolds Calls Stanley Tucci a 'Snack' in Funny Instagram Comment

Tucci was cooking up some leftover pasta.

Stanley Tucci might be a chef in the kitchen, but to Ryan Reynolds, he's quite a treat! In a new Instagram video, Tucci, 60, is seen in the kitchen wearing an apron, white dress shirt and tie, and cooking up some pasta. 

"11pm marinara and left over pasta. As promised," Tucci captioned the clip. 

The post quickly caught the attention of Reynolds, who commented, "Dear god, you are a SNACK." 

Stanley Tucci/Instagram

Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively, has already made it clear that she's a fan of the food and cocktail connoisseur's recipes. She's posted several recipes from Tucci's cookbook, Taste: My Life Through Food, writing, "This is why I'm eating fried pizza dough 3x a day. Because his new damn book makes me ravenous for all the gluten and oil and butter at every page. I'm possessed. Don't read it on an empty stomach. Or do. It's useless to fight it."  

Tucci gained a big following at the start of the pandemic by sharing videos of himself making cocktails on Instagram. 

“We put it out there and I had no idea it would have the effect it did,” Tucci told ET of the viral videos back in May. 

He said he “certainly didn’t” expect to become a viral sensation, at the time, but added, “I really love it and it’s just a fun thing.”