Stanley Tucci Helps James Corden Make His First Martini With His Signature Seductive Style

Stanley Tucci
'The Late Late Show'

The Oscar-nominated actor said he makes cocktails every night.

While many people are trying to learn new skills in quarantine, James Corden decided to enlist the help of cocktail-making pro and "total dish" Stanley Tucci on Thursday night's at-home edition of The Late Late Show.

The 59-year-old actor went viral this week thanks to the sexy Instagram video of him making a Negroni for his wife, Felicity Blunt. This time, he helped Corden make a martini. 

"Were you intentionally making something quite so seductive?" Corden asked Tucci of the video. 

"No, no, I do it every night," Tucci said of his cocktail skills. 

Corden also commented on how stylish Tucci looked in the clip, and the Oscar-nominated actor replied, "I always feel like one should look good, particularly after five o'clock."

The British late-night host then asked Tucci if he'd help him make his first martini. "It would be my honor to show you how to make a martini, particularly if it's your first," a shocked Tucci replied. 

"We're not going to shake it, we're actually going to stir it, it's the opposite of what James Bond likes," Tucci explained to Corden, who followed along with the recipe from his own home as Tucci video chatted from his London abode. 

After the pair finished making their cocktails, they took a sip and Corden was a big fan. 

"Oh, it's good. Oh, it's glorious. This is the start of a real thing for me," Corden exclaimed. 

"This is a whole new relationship for you," Tucci agreed. 

"Bless you, Stanley Tucci, keeping the world together one drink at a time," Corden quipped. 

For more cocktail inspiration, watch the clip below: