Ryan Reynolds Is Executive Producing a New Game Show Called 'Don't' -- Here's How It Will Work!

Ryan Reynolds
VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Here's all the details on the 'Deadpool' star's new promising show!

Ryan Reynolds is turning his attention to the small screen!

On Monday, it was announced that the leading man is executive producing a brand-new game show with ABC. The series, titled Don’t, will pit families of four against five mental and physical challenges. The key is players won’t be allowed to say or do something while working to complete the game — hence the title.

If the families abide by the rules and complete the tasks, they will win a cash prize. However, if they fail, not only do they miss out on the money, a member of the family is eliminated. This means that it could come down to one final family member working to take home the winnings.

"All my life, the word 'don't' has tortured me," Reynolds states in a press release. "From 'don't curse' to 'don't play ball in the house' to 'don't eat the crab salad you left in the sun for three days.' I cannot wait for my personal trauma to become the next great ABC family show."

The show is being created through Banijay Studios North America, whose president and CEO, David Goldberg, will also executive produce the show.

"Who better than Ryan Reynolds to bring us the next big tent, family-friendly competition show?" Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, said. "When he and Banijay Studios came to us with this hilarious and wildly original idea, we were all in."

Goldberg also weighed in on the show’s pickup, stating, "Don't is based upon the simple premise that there are countless things that our brain advises us to do. In Don't, contestants are challenged to resist what their brain is urging them to do. One thing is for sure, my brain never said 'don't' to Ryan Reynolds, one of the most talented and popular stars on the planet. This wildly entertaining and unpredictable show has so much potential, and I'm pleased to be making it for ABC, who has been such a great partner over the years."

Reynolds can next been seen (or heard, rather) in Detective Pikachu, in which he voices the beloved titular character. The new film hits theaters on May 10.