Ryan Seacrest Says He Doesn't Recall Ever Meeting Blac Chyna in Video Deposition Played During Trial

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Ryan Seacrest's video testimony was played in court Tuesday at Blac Chyna's civil trial, and the former executive producer for Keeping Up With the Kardashians said he was rarely involved, if at all, with Rob & Chyna, even though he served as one of its executive producers.

Seacrest -- who recorded the deposition testimony on May 31, 2019 in Beverly Hills -- explained he was passively attached to any KUWTK spin-off shows, including Rob & Chyna.

Seacrest, who wore a navy button down shirt in the video, said he had no duties as executive producer of Rob & Chyna. He also said he didn't know what his contractual obligations were for any of the Kardashian spin-offs.

The TV and radio host recalled helping Rob Kardashian and Chyna promote the series on his radio show. He also recalled watching approximately one episode before the show premiered in September 2016. Seacrest also said he couldn't recall ever meeting Chyna.

Earlier in the day, Adam Stosky, a former NBC executive with nearly two decades at the network, also took the stand and testified that he would continually get updates about Rob and Chyna's rocky relationship. Stosky also recalled hearing stories about arguments that allegedly turned physical.

During cross-examination, Stosky was asked if the Kardashians played a role in Rob & Chyna getting canceled after one season. Chyna alleged in her $100 million lawsuit that the Kardashians torpedoed her show as a form of "revenge" for leaving Rob. Stosky said the Kardashians didn't have a say on what shows got canceled. He added that, from the network's perspective, it couldn't produce a show called Rob & Chyna if they weren't a couple, a notion the Kardashians also maintain. 

Stosky said he was excited for season 1 because the show followed Rob and Chyna's love story. The former network executive added that he wanted season 2 to continue on the same love story theme, but when the relationship became toxic, Stosky said, it wasn't the kind of show they wanted to produce.


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