Kris Jenner Alleges Blac Chyna 'Tried to Murder' Rob Kardashian in Emotional Testimony

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Kris Jenner made damming allegations on her second consecutive day on the witness stand, testifying in court that she 100 percent believed Blac Chyna attempted to murder Rob Kardashian.

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch said "I do" when Chyna's attorney, Lynne Ciani, asked her, "Do you believe 100 percent that Blac Chyna attempted murder on your son, Rob?" When asked what the basis is for her assertion, Jenner replied, "Well, I was told she put a gun to his head, and was drinking, and I don’t think drinking and guns are ever good together."

She added, "I was told she tried to strangle him with a phone cord. I was told it was complete chaos that this was happening. I was very upset. Rob was hysterical crying. It was a mess. I can't imagine what it was like having a gun pointed at your head."

The night in question stems from a December 2016 incident in which Rob claimed in legal docs that Chyna intended to "inflict severe injury to me and I feared for my life" after alleging Chyna tried to choke him with an iPhone charging cord and allegedly assaulted him with a metal pole. He also claimed she pointed a loaded gun at him. Chyna testified earlier this week that she did wrap a cord around Rob's neck but did so in jest to get his attention. And when she pointed a gun at him, Chyna again claimed she was joking around and in no way had any plan to inflict harm on Rob.

But Jenner said there was nothing funny about coming home and seeing Rob "disheveled" on the night in question. She testified that Rob told her Chyna allegedly hit him over the head with a metal pole but didn't recall where on his body because it was years ago.

When asked if she called police the night of the fight, Jenner said they tried to handle it as a family. Jenner said her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, tried to separate Rob and Chyna during the alleged incident in which Chyna purportedly grabbed a chair and threw it at Rob's car.

At one point, Jenner got teary eyed on the stand and also didn't mince words while referencing Kim Kardashian's October 2016 jewelry heist in Paris.

"She tried to murder him, she put a gun to his head and I really have to get over that?" Jenner testified. "My daughter, Kim, was tied up in a bathtub, she is traumatized in that event. That’s not funny, my daughter was almost killed. A gun pointed at my son’s head is not funny. I have terrible memories sitting in Paris when these people were caught. My daughter was traumatized. You don’t forget getting a cord wrapped around your neck. I'm a mom, I have 11 grandchildren, this was the mother of my grandchild, and my responsibility is to take care of my kids, I'm a caretaker. We got her on a show, got her a house, and filled it up with Christmas decorations. Why would we do that to take it away?"

Chyna's lawyer also pointed to a text message Jenner sent following the alleged incident that read, "He's devastated and needs to ditch this b**ch." When asked why she fired off a text message with such language directed at a potential future daughter-in-law, Jenner said it's how she felt at the time and that she feels badly about it now, adding she felt sad for Rob and that she could have used a better word at the time. Jenner was also shown another text message in which she wrote to an executive producer for Rob & Chyna, saying, "Let's take her off the show and just make it Rob raising his daughter."

On Thursday, Jenner was questioned by Ciani regarding statements she'd made during previous depositions about threats she'd been told Chyna had made against her daughter, Kylie Jenner.


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